The great land discoveries

The idea of exploration is for people to find more land to explore. The early exploration was more about looking for land to live on and it wasn't until the 1500 and beyond as big ships were invented the world became interested in exploring to see how big the world really was and to find countries they could live in.


Greenland occupied

2500 BC - 1000 BC

Greenland occupied by the Saqqaq people

Samoa first occupied

2000 BC - 1000 BC

Hawaii Occupied

200 AD - 500 AD

Hawaii first occupied by the Polynesians

Aotearoa first Occupied

600 AD - 1300 AD

Aotearoa was discovered and occupied by the Maori from Polynesia

Easter Island Occupied

700 AD - 1000 AD

Easter Island was occupied by the Polynesians

Greenland Discovered

982 AD

Greenland was discovered by Erik the Red

America Discovered


America Discovered by Christopher Columbus

New Zealand Discovered


Abel Tasman Discovers New Zealand

Easter Island Discovered


Easter Island discovered by Jacob Rogg Eveen

Samoa Discovered


Samoa Discovered by Jacob Rogg Eveen

New Zealand inhabited


New Zealand inhabited by Captain James Cook

Hawaii Discovered


Hawaii discovered by Captain James Cook