Bible History (Copy)


The Patriarchs : Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

Approx. 1900 BCE - Approx. 1700 BCE


Approx. 1300 BCE

King David/King Solomon

Approx. 1000 BCE - Approx. 930 BCE

Division of the N & S Kingdom

Approx. 930 BCE

Northern Kingdom Israel (Samaria)

Approx. 922 BCE - Approx. 722 BCE

Southern Kingdom (Judah)

Approx. 922 BCE - Approx. 587 BCE

Fall of Northern Kingdom (Samaria)

Approx. 722 BCE

Fall and deportation of Samaria to Assyria by Shalmaneser

Fall of Southern Kingdom (Jerusalem)

Approx. 587 BCE

Fall and deportation of Jerusalem to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar

King Cyrus the Great (Persia) decrees Jews can rebuild Temple

Approx. 539 BCE

The Bible calls Cyrus "anointed"

Jesus born 4 BCE


Jesus' crucifixion, death, resurrection

30 CE

Paul's conversion

40 CE


54 CE - 68 CE

The "Beast" of Revelation (666)

Jerusalem & Temple destroyed by Rome (Titus)

70 CE

Book of Revelation

Approx. 95 CE

Written by John from Patmos to the 7 church of Asia Minor. Domitian begins persecutions.