Leland: China

China (中国)

Shang dynasty

1523 B.C - 1028 B.C

This Dynasty had Military might with their cast-bronze weapons. The bronze also had a religious significance for the Shang.

Zhou Dynasty

1027 B.C - 256 B.C

The People Created big Cities. Eventually these separate states battled for dominance. The bronze form the Shang Dynasty lost their religous significance and became symbols of personal status.

Qin Dynasty

221 B.C - 206 B.C

Even though this Dynasty only lasted for so long, some important buildings were started like the beginning of the great wall. As well as the terra-cotta warriors. This Dynasty was also successful in unifying all of China.

Han Dynasty

206 B.C - 220

One of the Golden ages of the Chinese Dynasties. They made a military expansion, a political centralization, and the invention of paper. They also had lead glazing ceramics. They established a trading route called The Silk Road that extended to Rome! Some of their tombs were decorated with figures and Geometric shapes. These tombs gives us a clue of about their Costumes, architecture and aristocratic past times. (I had to do it)

The Six Dynasties

220 - 586


Sui Dynasty

581 - 618

This dynasty was ruled by a progressive leader. After the emperor died, however, a much more horrible leader came to the throne and led many to starve. The final emperor lasted 2 years but did a lot to start up the next golden age. Also in this dynasty, Sui potters took steps into inventing porcelain by molding white clay.

T'ang Dynasty

618 - 906

The second golden age of China. This Dynasty used rare cobalt blue glazed for there pottery. This Dynasty also created gun powder in the 800's.
Song: The third golden age in the Chinese dynasties.

Five Dynasties

907 - 960

Song Dynasty

960 - 1279

The third golden age in the Chinese dynasties.

Yuan Dynasty

1280 - 1365

MIng Dynasty

1368 - 1644


1644 - 1912

Republic starts


The Dynasties end with the last emperor being Pu yi who came to the throne at 2.



551 B.C - 534 B.C

Confucius was born in the state of Lu, in eastern china. He was born with humble circumstances. His father died when he was three.

Korea (韓国)