Varun: China


Shang Dynasty

Approx. 1523 B.C - Approx. 1028 B.C

The Shang Dynasty

-Cast-Bronze Weapons gave Shang kings military might.

-Woven silk, Glazed ceramics, and lacquerware first appeared in the Shang Dynasty.

Zhou Dynasty

Approx. 1028 B.C - Approx. 256 B.C

-Bronze loses religious associations and becomes a social status symbol
-Confucianism and Taoism evolved and Chinese literature tradition began.

Qin Dynasty

221 B.C - 206 B.C

-Shih-Huang unifies the "warring states" and declares himself China's first emperor
-First sections of great wall built

Han Dynasty

Approx. 206 B.C - Approx. 220 A.D

-First of Chinas 4 great dynasties
-Invented paper and lead glazed ceramics
-Created Silk Road
-Extended into Vietnam

Sui Dynasty

Approx. 581 - Approx. 618

-Invented Porcelain
-Fixed Great Wall
-Closed with arrival of third emperor


Early Zhou

Approx. 1122 B.C - Approx. 221 B.C

Late Zhou

Approx. 1122 B.C - Approx. 221 B.C

Childhood of Confucius

Approx. 551 B.C - Approx. 536 B.C

Careers of Confucius

Approx. 536 B.C - Approx. 479 B.C


Silla (Shilla)

Approx. 57 BC - Approx. 935 AD
  • Adopted many Chinese things -Southeast -Defeated Koryo and Paechke in 679 and united Korea -Korea prospered and arts flourish -Buddhist temples created -The capital Kyongju was renowned as the city of gold -Set up national Confucian academy in 692 -Kyongju modeled after China's capital Chang'an -Only aristocrats had political influence -Conflicts between peasants and aristocrats led to downfall -Fell in 935

Goryeo (Koryeo)

Approx. 0936 - Approx. 1392

-Name --)> Korea
-Porcelain perfected
-Mongols overran

Joseon (Choson)

Approx. 1393 - Approx. 1897

-Songye overthrows mongols
-Reduced buddhist influence
-Last + Longest dynasty
-Invented new alphabet

Japanese occupation

1910 - 1945