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Chinese Dynasties

Shang Dynasty

Approx. 1523 BC - Approx. 1028 BC

Shang Dynasty (Main Idea: Bronze) (1523 - 1028 B.C)

Out of the stone age, into the bronze / iron age
cast-bronze weapons
many of the bronze weapons were inscribed with their owners’ names
woven silk, glazed ceramics
oracle bones
Made many things like chariot hardware, finials for staffs, and ceremonial vessels which are cast in a variety of different shapes from bronze

Zhou Dynasty

Approx. 1027 B.C - Approx. 256 B.C

Qin Dynasty

Approx. 221 B.C. - Approx. 206 B.C.

Han Dynasty

Approx. 206 BC - Approx. 220 AD

Tang Dynasty

Approx. 618 - Approx. 906

Song Dynasty

Approx. 960 - Approx. 1279

Ming Dynasty

Approx. 1368 - Approx. 1644

Ching Dynasty

Approx. 1644 - Approx. 1912

Complex Chinese Dynasties

Six Dynasties

Approx. 220 B.C - Approx. 586 A.D

Five Dynasties

Approx. 907 - Approx. 960


Confucius lifespan

551 B.C - 479 B.C

Korean Dynasties

Silla Dynasty

Approx. 668 C.E - Approx. 935 C.E

Silla Unifies Korea around 668 C.E.

Prospered and Art Flourished

Buddhism was a great force

Chinese Culture was a great influence

Had school

Conflict between peasants and the aristocrats led to the fall of the Silla Dynasty and the Goryeo dynasty was born.

Goryeo Dynasty

Approx. 918 C.E. - Approx. 1382 C.E.
  • Mongols invaded
  • Printing: Wood Block (China); Metal type (Korea)
  • Porcelain perfected - Celadon - celadon = porcelain w/ blue-green glaze
  • Buddhism and Confucianism were both influential
  • Mongols overran Korea, lost the secret of Celadon

Joson (Choson)

Approx. 1392 C.E - Approx. 1910 C.E
  • Mongols invaded Korea between 1231 &1250
  • Korean general Yi Song-gye overthrew the mongols & set up the Choson Dynasty
  • Longest Dynasty
  • Reduced Buddhist influence & set up government based upon Confucian Principal
  • King Sejong developed a system of writing called hangul - phonetic alphabet that uses symbols to represent sound
  • Japanese armies looted and burned Korea
  • Korea used Turtle ships - they were armored and shaped like turtles
  • Japanese withdrawed

Japanese Ocupation

1910 - 1945

Interesting link about a grandmother that was alive during the occupation

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