Angela & Shalini China


Zhou Dynasty

Approx. 1027 BC - Approx. 256 BC

Qin Dynasty

Approx. 221 BC - Approx. 206 BC

Han Dynasty

Approx. 206 BCE - Approx. 220 AD

Sui Dynasty

Approx. 581 - Approx. 618

Tang Dynasty

Approx. 618 - Approx. 906

Song Dynasty

Approx. 960 - Approx. 1279


Approx. 1280 - Approx. 1365

Ming Dynasty

Approx. 1368 - Approx. 1644

Qing Dynasty

Approx. 1644 - Approx. 1912


Childhood, Zhou ..., Followers

Childhood of Confucius

551 B.C.E. - Approx. 536 B.C.E.


Silla Dynasty

Approx. 668 CE - Approx. 935 CE

During the Silla Dynasty, arts flourished and the Buddhism influence grew powerful. Korea traded with China and learned about Chinese culture and its written language.

Koryo/Goryeo Dynasty

918 - 1382


Approx. 1392 - Approx. 1910

The Choson Dynasty was founded in 1392 by Korean general, Yi Song-gye. During this dynasty, the government turned to Confucian principals rather than Buddhism. One of this dynasty's greatest accomplishments was the creation of the written Korean language called, "hongul". As a result, Korea's literacy rate increased. Later in the 1590s, a Japanese ruler wanted to invade China through Korea. The Japanese ransacked and destroyed Korean villages, until Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin used "turtle ships", or heavily armored ships, to defeat the Japanese fleet. Six years later, the Japanese fled carrying off Korean artisans to learn skills of Korea.

Japanese Occupation of Korea

1910 - 1945