Kimi and Audrey's Dynasty Timeline


Shang Dynasty

Approx. 1558 BCE - Approx. 1046 BCE

Jade increased in religious significance. Social classes were developing. A written language on animal bones was discovered.

Zhou Dynasty

Approx. 1046 BCE - Approx. 256 BCE

The Zhou dynasty was split into the Western Zhou and the Eastern Zhou. It also contained the Spring/Autumn and the Warring States period.
Confucianism and Daoism/Taoism developed, and strict laws were used to control people (Legalism). Math and science developed, and the calendar was refined.

Qin Dynasty

Approx. 221 BCE - Approx. 206 BCE

Ruled by Shihuangdi, this dynasty only lasted for 15 years. However, many reforms were made and the currencies, weights, and language were standardized.

Han Dynasty

Approx. 206 BCE - Approx. 220 CE

There was lots of trade during this period, and it was the beginning of the Silk Road. The capital moved from Changan to Loyang.

Sui Dynasty

Approx. 581 CE - Approx. 618 CE

There was a plan to build a canal.

Tang Dynasty

Approx. 618 CE - Approx. 916 CE

There was lots of trade on the Silk Road during this dynasty, and it was stable in terms of politics and military. During this time, the arts flourished and gunpowder was created.

Song Dynasty

Approx. 960 CE - Approx. 1279 CE

This dynasty was the first to issue paper money. Inventions like the compass were made. It was split into the Northern and Southern Song.

Yuan Dynasty

Approx. 1280 CE - Approx. 1365 CE

Genghis Khan had conquered much of China during this period. His grandson Kublai Khan established this dynasty. Marco Polo came to China to explore, and he found some advances not yet heard of Italy. They exported blue-white porcelain, and made Beijing its capital.

Ming Dynasty

Approx. 1368 CE - Approx. 1644 CE

Beijing was established as a capital. There was still lots of trading and they avoided using paper money. This period was when the Forbidden City was built.

Qing Dynasty

Approx. 1644 CE - Approx. 1912 CE

This dynasty was also known as the Manchu dynasty because the dynasty was established by the Manchus.


Confucius was born in 551 BCE in the state of Lu. He was a great teacher, scholar, and philosopher whose ideas shaped China and other Asian countries 2000 years later. At the end of his life, he returned to Lu and died there in 479 BCE.


Silla Dynasty

Approx. 668 CE - Approx. 935 CE

This dynasty was one of the golden ages in Korean history. Chinese culture influenced their ways, as they had political exams just like in China

Koryo/Goryeo Dynasty

Approx. 918 CE - Approx. 1382 CE

The modern word "Korea" comes from this name. The two dominating belief systems were Buddhism and Confucianism. New advances in technology were woodblock printing and celadon pottery making. Many of the artifacts of this dynasty were lost when the Mongols invaded.

Choson/Joseon Dynasty

Approx. 1392 CE - Approx. 1910 CE

The Independence Movement

March 1, 1919 CE

Koreans required to speak only Japanese

1938 CE

Koreans required to change their names to Japanese

1940 CE