French Revolution


Before the French Revolution

The seven Year war

1756 - 1763

The war between France and England. pg. 55

The end of Manarchy

1789 - 1799

They decided to try a constitutional manarch. Which is a monarch but the Ruler has limits and his ideas have to be approved by the.


During the time of the Revolution

Louis XVI Becomes King

1774 - 1793

He ws beheaded in 1793.

Feudal Privileges Abolished


Monarchs had no power over a single human after this point.

Start of French Revolution


It was the Fall Of Bastille (AKA Reign Of Terror) which started the Revolution.

Marie Antoniette executed


Marie Antoinette was executed for putting France in deficit

Execution Of Robespierrist


Robespierre was an influencial that got arrested and was executed shortly after.

Nopolean's Reign

1804 - 1815

He seized control in 1799 but was fully reigning in 1804 march 20th


After the French Revolution

End of the first French Empire

1804 - 1815

First President of France


Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was the firsy president of the French Republic.

Second French Empire

1852 - 1870

Ruled by Napolean III