Sven Østergard

Camarilla Toreador




Sven was born to dirt farmers in Norway. They weren't rich but they could trace their lineage back centuries to the Vikings of old, and this knowledge carried a pride that could not be broken. From a very early age, it was instilled in Sven that he had the blood of a Warrior in him.

Sven wasn't good at school but was always good with his hands, making small things out of wood and sticks and drawing. At the age of 11 he was sent to apprentice with a local Smith, who'd noticed his talent.

Moves in search of food and work


Norway faces one of its biggest famines the year before Sven moved to Denmark. His mother and two sisters had died due to the lack of food. His father would soon bury himself drinking. Sven held onto that fight that he heard so much about as a child, and promised to himself that he would prosper.

And He did.

After about 3 weeks begging every Smith he came across, he was finally picked up by an arms manufacturer and spent the next eight years building assembly line muskets and pistols for the war. It was not glamours, but it was work and he was miserable for nearly 10 years,

Finally he had the opportunity to make what he wanted, opening up a workshop in Copenhagen. Very quickly he became one of the best gunmakers in the country, having made weaponry for nobles, Military officials, and unbeknownst to him, several members of the Anarchist Movement. It was this gift that attracted his sire.



The Winter of 1717 was one of the coldest in recorded history. Though he had amassed a fair bit of a following by this point, he was not immune to the harshness of the Winters in the North, and soon became quite sick.

Unknown to him, one of the younger Toreador of his line, had been scouting him for some time. When he found out Sven was sick and might not make it, he brought him to their family home where he was taken care of and nursed back to health. It was here that Sven's Sire, an Elder of the Camarilla Russel Capet, became taken with Sven.

Under the guise of becoming his personal weapon smith to their family, Russel encouraged Sven's creative streak, pushing him harder and harder to hone his craft. Within a year he'd become a master weapon smith. Russel decided to embrace him

Sven was eager to contribute to the family from the get go

Moved to Paris


In the Summer of 1775, Sven was summoned to France to work with his adopted family. The resistance had need for his abilities. By this time, he'd become known as one of the best weapon smiths in the Movmenet, but also as a man that knew where to get things. He'd started a very lucrative weapons trade, selling to just about anyone that needed weapons. War is a very fruitful endeavor.

Supported the French revolution


During the French Revolution, Sven worked closely with the Movment, supplying wepons to the people. Putting weapons in the hands of the common folk, put a lot of stress on the Camarilla, who were supporting the royalty and their war efforts. There were several close calls with the Camarilla during this time. Two of his broodmates were caught and killed for the arms trade they'd set up to directly go against the the Tower. It fueled Svens hatred for the Camarilla, but moreso his Sire, who was more than willing to let his family all die for his cause. It was at this time, that Sven started looking for allies in the Camarilla as an attempt to hurt his sire.

Flees Parice


Things came to a fever pitch after the the French Revolution. Nobody was safe. Avoiding the Reign of Terror, Sven moved to Egypt with a large portion of his family.

Time in Egypt


Cairo was wonderful. While he kept up with his gun making, Sven was inspired by the beauty of the antiquities he came into contact with, spending most of his time in the Museums, drawing and painting. For the first time in his life, he didn't want to be part of the resistance. He wanted to create. He looked for avenues that would get him out from under the thumb of is father, making connections with more and more members of the Camarilla.

Fueled Spanish Rebellion


After Cairo had given Sven everything he could ask for, he moved to Spain, for multiple reasons. Several of his Camarilla allies were in Spain at the time. He'd also been encouraged to start selling weapons to the Spanish Rebels. This time was very fruitful, as he rode his families coat tails. He was the face man for the family business, but every chance he had, he'd disappear and start studying another form of art, trying to find what it was he loved.

While getting a suit fitted in 1810, Sven had a very fruitful conversation with a brilliant tailor that had worked in the business for nearly five decades. The mortal took a liking to Sven, and agreed to teach him everything he knew. Sven ghouled the old man, and spent the next 30 years studying fashion in secret, as Sven feared that his masculine sire would feel shame for his childes curiosity in Fashion. By the time the Spanish Revolution had begun, Sven was a great Tailor in his own right. He began exploring fashion outside of tailoring, but always had a knack for a good suit.

Helped fuel the Spanish rebellion by giving money and guns. This was his first major positive interaction with the Camarilla.

Time in Morocco


Sven explored every aspect of fashion. He became fascinated by the creation of dyes and textiles, and moved across the straits to Morocco, where he studied textile making, honing his craft of fashion even better.

He was out of contact with the Anarch Movement for the entire time he was in Morocco, and he felt happier than he'd ever been, not feeling the pressure of his line to be warriors and merchants of war.

Sven spent most of this time with a modest shop in Morocco, where he would make suits for individuals that requested. It wasn't the most lucrative, but he had time to explore his tastes and hone who he was asa Fashion designer.

Moved back to Spain


In 1890, Sven moved back to Spain in an effort to legitimize himself as a designer. He spent a very long time building a brand and a name for himself to the point that he'd become quite wealthy through his efforts.

Officially left the Anarch Movement


During this time, he also got a lot closer with members of the Camarilla. After an altercation with his Sire and two broodmates, Sven formally left the Ancarch Movement, In fear they would retaliate, he imidiately petitioned the court of Madrid to join the Camarilla. A year later, he was officially a member of the Tower, though it required him to pay out several boons to influential members of court.

Chasing Fashion

1920 - January 2016

For nearly a century, Sven travelled the fashion circuit hitting all the major fashion shows. London, Milan, NYC, and Florence. He found himself drawn to the male form, and specialized in mens fashion. With the gifts of his clan, and his innate gift for fashion, he learned from the best of the best, studying for years at a time with different designers and often becoming more of a muse for them, allowing them to take his designs and use them for themselves. It wasn't until 2010 that Sven started showing his own clothes. Every other year he put out a show at fashion weeks across Europe and the US, until January 2016, when he informed his closest assistants and counterparts that he was taking a break from the limelight to breath easy and focus on the Camarilla. Having lived as a mortal for so long, it was a challange at first to be the predicating Neonate that he was expected to be, but he has done a great job thus far, and will more than likely gain the status he deserves, now that he is concentrating on politics again.

Became Ancilla




1687 - 1705


1706 - 1717


1717 - 1794

Cairo, Egypt

1794 - 1810


1810 - 1840


1840 - 1890


1890 - 1920


1920 - 1940


1940 - 1960


1960 - 1970


1971 - 2016

London, UK


Fashion Week

Milan, Italy

1979 - 1983

Paris France

1999 - 2010







1687 - 1717

The Anarch Movement

1717 - 1898


1898 - 2016

Character Ties

Influenced by the Anarchs


In the second decade of the 1700s, Sven began spending a lot of time with specific members of the Anarch movement. While his sire Russel was sympathetic to the Anarch cause, it wasn't until after Sven left to join the anarch movement that he truly knew what his childe believed in. After that, Sven joined an Anarch house under an elder of named Angeleau Belgrade, who shaped Svens mind thorough a mixture of charisma, disciplines, and the blood bond. He would be estranged to his sire for quite some time.

Met Pater Verus


One of the Camarilla Sven interacted with during this time was Pater Verus, a Nosferatu Ancilla. Pater Verus encouraged Sven in helping the French Revolutionaries. They got fairly close during this time. It wouldn't be until a year after the insurrection that Sven realized that he'd been double played. Verus was directly responsible for the murder of two of Svens broodmates. Sven swore that if he ever met Verus again, it would end in one of their deaths.

Reconciles with Verus


After over a century of hatred, Sven reconciles his differences with Verus. Verus tells him that it was nothing personal. Sven agrees and admits that his broodmates were not good people and probably had it coming.

Met Scarlet Thorne


In the 1970s, Sven spent some time in California being educated in suit construction by Scarlet Thorne. They kept in close contact until she disappearred but later reconnected in the 1990s.

Met Echo

July 2000

Saved Echo from being killed and smuggled her back to France like he does. They've been inseparable ever since.

Smuggled Benedict out of NYC to Paris


After finding out the truth of the situation, Sven smuggles Benedict Green out of NYC after he is almost killed by the Camarilla for taking care of an Infernal situation that the local court was slacking on. Sven transported Ben to Paris in a crate of fabric camples to Paris where Ben acted as personal security for Sven for three years as payment. Not being a fan of indentured servitude, Sven released Ben of his life boon in 2008.

Met Phillipa


After the Death of his Broodmate and their line, Sven took charge of a young Neonate by the name of Phillipa that happened to also be interested in fashion. He spent a lot of money on making sure she had everything she wanted, and even sponsored her move to San Antonio, where he still visits her from time to time.

Met Lucky D

September 2015

On a visit to San Antonio to see Philippa, Sven met a plucky Tremere by the name of Lucky D, who raved about Svens clothing line. They've been buddies from that moment on. Lucky even invested quite heavily in Svens current Brand.