Newton to Foucault


Science: Life of Newton

1642 - 1727

The Enlightenment

Approx. 1650 - Approx. 1800

Science: Newton Writes about Calculus but Does Not Publish

1665 - 1667

Science: Leibniz Publishes on Calculus


Science: Newton Publishes Principia Mathematica (Laws of Motion, Universal Gravitation, Calculus)


Science: Life of du Chatelet

1706 - 1749

Science: du Chatelet Publishes Her Derivation of the Conservation of Energy


The year of her death, sadly.

Science: The Lavoisiers Create Chemistry from Alchemy

1764 - 1794

Government: The US Revolutionary War and Events the Led Up to It

Approx. 1765 - 1781

Government: The French Revolution and Events that Led Up to It

Approx. 1774 - 1799

Government: People Being Beheaded in The Reign of Terror

Approx. 1793 - Approx. 1794

Science: Cavendish Measures Gravity


the year he published his results

Alternative Theories: Modern Flat Earth Movement Begins


Science: Foucault's Pendulum Proves We Move