Hill Stowe

Life Span

Birth and Death

1811 - 1896

Harriet Beecher Stowe was born in Litchfield Connecticut on June 14 1811. She was the 7th child of 13


Moves to Ohio


Harriet Beecher moves with her family to Cincinnati, Ohio, where her father has a job at Lane Theological Seminary. She joins a literary group known as the Semi-Colon Club and begins to hone her writing style. There she also meets her husband.

Moves to Maine


The couple's seventh and last child, son Charles Edward, is born. Calvin Stowe becomes a professor at Bowdoin College, causing the family to move to Brunswick, Maine. The Stowes are upset about the Fugitive Slave Act, a new law that makes it a crime to assist anyone escaping slavery.

Moves to Connecticut


The Stowes move from Andover to Hartford, Connecticut. Stowe oversees the building of a lavish house called Oakholm.

Last Home


The Stowe family moves into their final home, a house on Forest Street in Hartford, Connecticut. The author Mark Twain and his family occupy the house across the street.

Professional Career

Uncle Toms Cabin


Wrote the book Uncle Toms Cabin


1852 - 1878

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote many diffrent books from 1852 to 1878

Palmetto Leaves


Stowe published Palmetto Leaves

Personal Events

Mother Dies


Roxana Beecher Harriets mother dies of tuberculosis. Reverend Lyman Beecher is now a widower with six surviving children. He remarries a year later and fathers four more children with his new wife. Harriet was only 4 years old



Harriet attends Hartford Female Seminary, a school run by her older sister Catharine. She will begin teaching at the school after graduating



Married Calvin Ellis Stowe

Husband Dies


Beecher Stowe's husband Calvin Stowe dies.