~Life Span

Birth and Death

1797 - November 26,1883

Sojourner truth's birth date is not known because she was a slave.She was born in Ulster County, New York and died in a sanitarium in Michigan on November 26, 1883. :D

~Places in Sojourners life

Kingston, New York

1806 - 1808

This is the first time of many times she was sold in her life.She was 9 years old and was sold to John Neely for $100 along with some sheep.

Issac and Maria's

1827 - 1828

After Sojourner had ran away, she found issac and Maria's. Who then took her baby in until the emancipation act had been approved.

~Important Events


1817 - 1883

She married and older slave named thomas and they had 5 kids.



Sojourner and her infant daughter Sophia had escaped to freedom in the night.

Devout Christian

1829 - 1883

Growing up she didnt know the lord. But in 1829 something hit her and she said the lord had called her to preech.

Ain't i a woman


This is when she delivered her extrodinary speech "Aint i woman". Which changed the way alot of people thought about slavery.

~Professional Career


1797 - 1883

Her whole life she was against slavery.

Court cases

1797 - 1883

Throughout her whole life, she won many court cases and went through many battles.


1829 - 1851

As said before she became a devout christian and went to preech. She would travel miles everywhere and prech to 100's.