Williams- Stowe

Life span

Harrriet's life span

1811 - 1896

Born in Litchfeild Connecticut


Cincinnati Ohio

1832 - 1896

moved here with husband

Brunswick Main

1850 - 1853

Calvin joined the faculty at Bowdin college in Brunswick

Washington D.C


traveled here to meet president lincoln

professional career

book put into the National Era

1851 - 1852

uncle toms cabin

Uncle toms cabin published


the book that changed how people see slavery

Personal events

theese are the things that happend to harriet personally

Taught at Hartford female seminary


she first started at the school as a student and later joined the team to teach there this is where she learned most of her writting skills

Married Clvin Ellis Stowe

1836 - 1896

A man against slavery and supported the underground railroad