Timeline of Historical Events of Egypt and India by: William Yeung


Egyptian History

People move to the Nile River Valley

10,000 bc

The ancient people came because of the water and fertile soil.

Cultivation starts

8000 BC

People get their own work that they choose and are happy.

Irrigation begins

6000 BC

Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt begins

3200 B.C.

The Old Kingdom of Egypt Age of the Pyramids

3100 BC - 2100 BC

Menes unites both upper and lower Egypt

3100 BC

Khufu ordered the creation of the Great Pyrimids

2600 BC

The Middle Kingdom begins and Hyksos conquers Egypt

1800 BC

The new Egyptian Kingdom started

1100 BC

The Rosetta Stone was discovered

1798 AD

The Suez Canal was opened

1869 CE

Indian History

Indus Valley Civilization

2500 BC

Aryan People invade India from the North

1500 bc

India and the Roman Empire trade goods such as pearls, ivory, spices and silk

50 AD

India was ruled by Gupta Empire and Hinduism becomes mayor religion.

320 - 550 AD

Holland, Great Britian and France created trading posts for spices, silk, tea and jewels

1600 AD

British overthrow the Moguls and took control of India

1858 AD

Mahatma Gandhi launches a nonviolent resistance against the British rule

1915 AD

India gains independence from Britian


Gandhi Assassinated


Indira Gandhi (female) became the Prime Minister of India

1966 AD