John wilkes booth-Kionah



May 10,1838

John Wilkes Booth was the ninth of ten children


1850 - 1851

John attended a quaker-run,milton boarding school for boys in Sparks Maryland.He later attended St.Timothy's hall until the death of his father

Theatre Season

1859 - 1860

Booth had a theatre season in Richmond,Virginia

Dramatic Oil Company

1860 - 1864

Booth created an oil company after the oil boom started with his friends John Ellsler&Thomas Mears



Booth was engaged to Lucy Lambert Hale,the daughter of U.S Senator John P. Hale of New Hampshire


April 14,1865

John wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln


April 20,1865

Booth became aware that his co-conspirators were arrested(Mary Surratt,Arnold,ect.)

Journal entry

April 21,1865

Booth wrote of his dismay in a journal entry,while he awaited night to come so he could cross Potomac River into Virginia.

Search party

April 24,1865

Union soldiers were sent to find Booth


April 26,1865

Booth was killed by a union soldier in Port Royal,Virginia at the age of 26