Clara's life span

This is about Clara Barton and what she did in her lifetime.

Clara's life span

12/25/1821 - 4/12/1912

Clara was born on Christmas day in 1821 at North Oxford, Massachusetts, and died April 12,1912 at the age of 90.

Places traveled

Where Clara traveled in her lifetime

North Oxford, Massachusetts

12/25/1821 - 1850

Clara was born and raised here.

New Jersey

1850 - 1853

Clara travled to New Jersey to open a free school.


1853 - 1862

Traveled back to her home state and lived with some friends.

Richmond, Virginia


She traveled here to help wounded soldiers during the Siege of Petersburg.

Geneva, Switzerland


Clara traveled here to be introduced to the Red Cross.

Glen Echo, Maryland


Clara died here.

Professional Career

This is about events in her job(s)

Local Teaching

1837 - 1850

Clara taught at local schools around her home in North Oxford, Massachusetts.

Opened her own free school in New Jersey

1850 - 1871

Clara opened a free school in New Jersey in 1850.

Superentended the supplying work to the poor

1871 - 1872

In Stratsburg she superentended the supplying work to the poor there.

Clara founded and leaded the American Red Cross

1881 - 1912

Clara founded and leaded the American Red Cross in 1881.

Personal Events

Information about who Clara married and her kids

Clara never married or had kids!!!

1821 - 1912

She never married or had kids.