Aaliyah_Mary Surratt

A Timeline About a lady who was accused of the murder of Abe lincoln . . killed but innocent

Life Span


Born In May Died on July 7 1865

Assassination Of Abe Lincoln


Mary Surratt Live In Waterloo Maryland

Mary Surratt And her Husband Lived On Lands That Their Family Previously Owned

Mary Surratt Moved To Washington D.C. With Her Husband And Kids

Professional Career

Marry Surratt used her home for a tavern,polling office, and post office

Marry Surratt Turned Her Home Into A Boarding House

Personal Events

Married John Harrison Surratt

Birth Of 1st Child Isaac

Birth Of 2nd Child Anna

2nd Child (DAUGHTER)

Birth Of 3rd Child John Jr.

3rd Child (SON)