this is the story of my life ,from slave to free man from birth to death and finaly everything else inbetween.


nothing asactly as says

dred scott

1799 - 1858


my life and death


1799 - 1858

i was born a slave in virginia traveling around with my masters soon i got tired of being lonely i married had 2 daughters and sued for mine and my wifes freedom i lost and was a slave for a couple of weeks before i was sold to the son of the blows he freed me i worked at the hotel little of a celebrity there and was struck down by tuberculosis not even a year of freedom.


09/16/1858 - 2012

i died of tuberculosis in 1858 i had a long eventful life but was struck dowm through sickness i went through court cases marriage free and slave states i have walked on both ground.

places traveled to

these are places ive traveled while slave or free man


1819 - 1829

scott moved with the blows to huntsville, alabama


1830 - 1832

scott moved then to st.lious:still with the blows


1832 - 1834

scott was then sold to a army surgeon and was moved to missouri.


1834 - 1836

passing in virginia scott met harriet a teen age slave and they quckly fell in love<3


1835 - 1837

married harriet in virginia


1838 - 1847

in this part of scotts life he sued for his frredom and was denied after he was denied he was sold to the blows sons and set free


1858 - 2012

i was buried in stlois over 153 years ago and as far as i know i havent moved by now i should be a skeleton covered neck deep iin dirt


places ive worked as a free man


1857 - 1858

i got a job at the hotel on walnut harriet as a cleanin lady

important/personal stuff

this is the personal stuff like court cases and kids just think important

court and freedom

1846 - 1857

i sued for my freedom and lost on a technicality then got tried again and lost. this is when i sued for my freedom and when old friends let me and my wife be free.


1857 - 1858

i got a job bit of a celebrity but im not bragging its at second and walnut the harbrum hotel