Mary Elizabeth Jenkins

Born onto a tobaccoo farm


She died due to hanging.

Bording house owner

this was her occupation after her husband died.

Louis J. Weichmann

He moved into the bording house as a resident.


He stayed at the bording house and was also friends with John Jr. Surratt and John Wilkes Booth.

Collecting Debt

Mary Surratt rented a carriage to go collect debt from the tavern in Surrattsville.

Collecting Debt

Mary Surratt went to the bording house many times to collect money/debt

Moved around

these are all the places she had moved to or beenn to since she was born until she died.

Birth: Waterloo, Maryland

She was born onto a tobaccoo farm in Waterloo, Maryland.

Alexandria. Verginia

Mary Surratt was enrolled in a private Roman Catholic girl's boarding school, the Academy of Young Ladies

Clinton, Maryland

Her and her husband opened a tavern and post office.

Washington D.C.

The trial began in Washington as she was proven tried for treason, conspiracy, plotting murder, and set to be hung with four others.


This includes anything personal that happened to her in her lifetime that took a BIG role in her life.


She married John Surratt at the age of 17 or 19 and he was 26.


(son) this was her first born son.


(daughter) she was her first and only daughter.

John Jr.

(son) he was her last child.

John Surratt

(husband) he was drunk all the time it seemed like and he died of colapsing to the floor for a stroke.