This timeline tells the important events of Robert Gould Shaw, a union soilder who was in charge of leading the first and most famous all black regiment during the Cival War.

Life Span

Robert Gould Shaw

Oct. 10, 1837 - July 18, 1863

Robert Gould Shaw lived to be about 26 years old.


West Roxbury


Moved with his family to West Roxbury when he was 5 years old.


1856 - 1859

Attended Harvard University for about three years.

Cival War travels

April, 1861 - July 18,1863

Spent time traveling with the Union Army during the Cival War, and Participated in the Battle of Antietam, Battle of Grimball's Landing, and second Battle of Fort Wagner.


Joined Union Army

April, 1861

Joined the 7th New York Infantry Regiment.

Switches Regiments

May, 1861

Joined the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment.

Takes command of the 54th

October 1862

Took comand of the new all black regiment, 54th Massuchusetts Infantry.

Refused Pay

october 1862 - 1864

Men of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry refused pay untill congress passed a bill that made it so black soldiers get paid the same as white soldiers.

Battle of Fort Wagner

July 18, 1863

The 54th assulted confederate battery Wagner.
This is the battle that Robert Shaw was killed at from a bullet through the heart.

Personal Events


May 2, 1863

Married Anne Kneeland Haggerty.