this is Clara Bartons LIfeline :)

life span

life till death

birth till death of Clara Barton

12/25/1821 - 4/12/1912

Clara Barton was born on December 25, christmas day, in 1821 and died on April 12, 1912
Clara Barton will be rembered and charished for her hard work nursing soldiors during the wars, and being a huge help with the Red Cross foundation


places Clara has been


12/25/1821 - 1833

when clara was little she lived in Oxford, Massachusetts and stayed there for the fisrt 12 years of her teaching carrer

professional career

Claras job(s) and job activity


1837 - 1849

Clara barton was a teacher at Oxfor,N.Oxford, for a dozen years!


1850 - 1854

in 1850 Clara furthered her education by going to the Clinton Liberal Institue in New York for writing and languages
after these studies Clara opened a free school in New Jersey but wasnt allowed to head her own school, instead they hired a man

A job

1854 - 1860

in 1854 Clara moved to Washington, D.C. frustrated, and began work as a clerk in the US Patent Office, Clara was the first women to have recieved a substaintal clerkship and a salary equal to a man's.

Claras job was soon reduced to that of a copyist,but in 1857, her job was terminated! she was fired by James Buchanan.3 years later she returned to the office as a temporary copyist in hope to make way for more women in the goverment

Civil War


nine days after the Civil war started, hundreds of Union soldiers were mobbed by confederates in Baltimore,MD and adrrived in Washington DC full dead and wounded and they had no baggage or supplies, Clara had tended to the wounded soldiers, on July 21, Clara established the main agency to obtain and distribute supplies to the wounded soldiers

hospital, for the Civil War


On August 3, 1862, Clara obtained permission to travel to the front lines.
then in 1864 she got the tittle of "lady in charge" of the hospital at the front of the army of James by General Benjamin Butler.

personal events

Things that have happened in her life

Captain Stephen Barton


Claras dad was wounded during the war, he survived to tell his story. when Clara was 11, her father told her his story, it was hard for Clara to picture her father as a 19 year old, her father had thought his youngest daughter Clarissa (a.k.a. Clara) was special and was his favorite, he thought she was special because she was born on Christmas day 1821.