My Timeline That Happens to Be About the French Revolution

Basically, a bunch of french guys wearing frilly clothing, tights and powdered wigs getting mad at the sheer stupidity of the monarchy for the constant selfishness and moronic laws. Enormous magnitudes of France were sent to the guiotine, Mary Antoinette's unsurpassing ignorance was enforced by her famous quote "Let them eat cake" and Marat was murdered in a bathtub.


Before the you-know-what hit the fan; the culminating events

Sun King's Dominion

1657 - 1715

Sun King noted for shelling out large sums to build palace of Versailles; high taxes; expensive wars; wastefulness

Reign of Louis XV

1715 - 1774

Seven Year War

1756 - 1763

just as the name dictates, a war that lasted seven years

Reign of Louis XVI

1774 - August 1792

Tennis Court Oath

June 1789

Made monarchy agree to public terms

The Revolution

Horrible to live in France as anybody in the social hierarchy.

The Fall of the Bastille


Bastille fell; mob attacked prison to free prisoners; killed governer; made example to monarchs that they wouldn’t take their fascist ways anymore; rallying together strengthens a cause

Mirabeau Elected President Of French Assembly


Flight to Varennes




first meeting of Directory; end revolution as middle class has say in government affairs; middle class has own government; votes proper

The Directory first meets


Marks end of the revolution; middle class government where only property owners can vote


Everything seems better until Napolean screws it up.

Napolean saves convention


Napolean appointed First Consul


New Emperor


Napoleon self-crowns himself emperor of France; changes government back to how pre-revolution government was; not identical but similar


How long people ruled. Suffice to say, most of 'em died or got kick out.

Sun King

1657 - 1715

Louie XIV; extravagant king; not in touch with subjects; ordered that all court members were to learn ballet in order to be more graceful in his presence; egotistical motto was "I am the nation."

King Louis XVI/ Marie Antoinette

1715 - 1792

Both king and queen were executed in 1792 by the guillotine.


1793 - 1815

Exiled for being be an opressive ruler.


1793 - July 1794

Originally a prominany member of the revoltion; corrupted and paranoid with power; put over 30 000 people to death; responsible for the Reign of Terror