Helios System


Founding of Colony on Artemis

26 a.c.


Founding of Colony on Taurus

56 a.c.

Taurian Revolution

166 a.c. - 168 a.c.

Free Colony of Taurus

168 - 423


Founding of Colony on Minerva

10 a.c.

Great Foundation

232 - 423


Setting up the Colony

0 b.c. - 100

Soon after the landing of the colonizers on Pilgrim, they set out to build a self-sustained colony. Water and power plants were built as well as increasingly more comfortable housing. The small outpost soon turned into a thriving colony and finally into a prosperous city-state.

Founding of Pilgrim

0 b.c.

First Colony of Aephesus

53 a.c. - 232 a.c.

This form of governance in which Pilgrim served as the nervous system of the Helios System lasted for quite some time. Since all the colonies in Helios were set up by the explorers from Aephesus, there was no doubt that this city should stand at the center of all cultural, political, and scientific life. This was undone when the Treaty of Independence was signed.

Great Foundation

232 a.c. - 423 a.c.

After the Wars of Independence and the signing of the Treaty of Independence, Aephesus, Minerva, and Capricorn formed a democratic union of planets meant to keep alive the traditions of the original founders. they sought to maintain peaceful coexistence between the colonies and to continue their scientific endeavors into this system.

Senate of Aephesus

368 - 423

Thropa Invasion

420 - 423

Reservation Project

423 - 484

United Colonies of Helios

423 - 484

Great War

484 - 486


Founding of Colony on Prometheus

32 a.c.

Republic of Prometheus

232 - 356

Promethean Revolution

338 - 340

State of New Prometheus

340 - 423

Church of Desintegration

351 - 423

Free Colony of Prometheus

405 - 423


Founding of Colony on Hyperion

32 a.c.

Kingdom of Hyperion

232 - 423


Founding of Colony on Capricorn

12 a.c.

Great Foundation

232 - 367

Although this union served its purpose for a time, Capricorn felt it had been cheated when Aephesus waged yet another war on Taurus in order to take their Plutonium reserves. Growing tension within the colony led to an overthrow of the Great Foundation and a massive war against the other members.

War of Capricorn

367 - 368

The War of Capricorn, mostly waged between Capricorn and Aephesus was the bloodiest contest int he history of the system. Massive fleets attempted met in the blackness of space as Capricorn attempted to throw off an invasion and Aephesus attempted to land on Arbodela and take it back for the Great Foundation. This back and forth lasted for three years and ended with the Battle of Capricorn in which the Republic took back Arbodela for good. The Great Foundation was forced to retrieve and grant them sovereignty.

Republic of Capricorn

368 - 423