2nd Industrial Revolution timeline

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Sepoy Rebellion


A rebellion that was the result of the fact that the British had gained about two-thirds of Indian land and that the spread of imperialism that affected all aspects of life in India. It was led by sepoys, of Indian soldiers in the service of European power.

British Raj


The British Crown officially takes of Indian government.

Railroad Construction

1858 - 1900

By the year 1900, India has 25,000 miles miles of railroad track in total.

Indentured Servitude

1860 - 1911

In this span of 51 years, thousands of indentured servants emigrated to work sugar plantations.

The Telegraph Links India and Europe


Empress of India

1876 - 1901

Queen Victoria (head of the Church of England) is proclaimed the Empress of India.

Indian National Congress


Indian National Congress founded by a group of middle class intellectuals.

Hindu Awareness


Swami Vivekanand represents Chicago's Parliament of the World's Religions, enlightening Western opinion of Hindu philosophy and culture.

Protest of Indentured Servitude


Mahatma Gandhi drafts the first petition protesting the indentured servitude system. About six months later, the British announce the halt of indentured emigration from India.

Muslim League Political Party


Muslim League political party is formed in India.

Imperial Shift


The Imperial Capital shifts from Delhi to Calcutta.

Government of India Act


-Introduced a national parliament with two houses for India. Only the very wealthiest were able to vote.

System of Indentured Servitude is Abolished