South Asia Team Reece


Indus River Civilization

Approx. 2300 BCE - 1750 BCE

Development of grain growing agriculturally based civilization living off the Indus River. This city was destroyed by invasions and climate. (Easia)

(Citation for Easia site:
Gordon, Leonard. "History of South Asia: A Chronological Outline | Asia for Educators | Columbia University." History of South Asia: A Chronological Outline | Asia for Educators | Columbia University. Columbia University, 2009. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.)

The Rig Veda

1500 bc - 1200 bc

The Rig Veda, the first of the Hindu religious texts, is created. (Columbia)


900 BC

This was the start of Hinduism in South Asia, bringing the now-well-known rituals and the division of civilization into the four castes. (Easia)

Start of Buddhism/Jainism

Approx. 500 BC - 500 BC

Uprise in South Asia of the now-popular religions of Buddhism and Jainism. (Easia)

Mauryan Empire

324 bc - 200 bc

Chandragupta dominated all of North India. (Easia)

Development/diffusion of Sanskritic Culture

250 bc

Formation of major Hindu texts (Mahabharata, Ramayana); creation of belief in major gods (Vishnu, Shiva, etc); spreads to South Asia (Easia)

Invasion of Huns

455 CE - 528 CE

This was a successful invasions where the Huns and other Central Asian tribes destroy Gupta empire (Easia).

Vijayanagar Empire

1336 - 1646

The rise of Hindu Kingdom in South India. The Muslim rulers were independent until there was destruction on the capital city in 1565 (Easia).

Mughal Empire

1526 - 1857

North India and South India are unified by the Mughal Empire (Easia).

Queen Elizabeth

Approx. 1600

"Queen Elizabeth I grants a charter to the english East India company for trade with the east Indies." (Begins English trade with South Asia.) (Colombia)

Battle of Plassey


East India gains control over Bengal and starts expanding the British power in India (Easia).

British India

Approx. 1800 ad - 1947

British dominate India, and introduce Western culture, language, government, and technology. (Easia)

Partition: India and Pakistan


India gains independence from British rule. Partition of British India created Pakistan Off of India. (Easia)



War between East and West Pakistan creates separation in Pakistan resulting in Bangladesh. (Easia)