River Civilizations

Julie Corbett


Farmers arrive in the Fertile Crescent

7000 B.C.

The first civilizations emerge in the Fertile Crescent

3500 BC

Writing is invented in Sumer

3200 BC

Many historians believe Gilgamesh may have lived at this time.

2700 BC

Cuneiform was used by scribes

2400 BC

Sargon of Akkad unites much of Mesopotamia

2334 BC

Hammurabi became king of Babylon

1792 BC

The Assyrian Empire is at its height.

668 BC

Nebuchadnezzar II is king of Babylon

605 BC

The final fall of Mesopotamia

330 BC

World Religions


2000 BCE


1750 BCE



1750 BCE



1250 BC



500 BCE

Guatama Buddha 563-483 BCE


1 CE

Jesus Christ 4 BC-30 CE

Islamic Community

500 CE

Muhammad 570-632 CE

Ancient Egypt

Early civilizations emerged in the Nile River Valley

5000 BCE

First civilizations in Nubia

3200 BCE

King Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt

3150 BCE

Old Kingdom

3100 BCE - 2040 BCE

Construction began on the Great Pyramid of Giza

2600 BCE

Middle Kingdom

2040 BCE - 1800 BCE

Egypt expanded its border into Nubia

1800 BCE

Hyksos took control of Egypt

1660 BCE

New Kingdom

1600 BCE - 1100 BCE

Hatshepsut, a female, became queen

1498 BCE

Assyrians attacked Egypt

670 BCE

Discovery and decoding the Rosetta Stone


Ancient China

Early civilizations made their homes near the Huang River Valley

3000 BC

Shang Dynasty

1760 BC - 1500 BC

Western Zhou Dynasty

1027 BC - 770 BC

Eastern Zhou Dynasty

770 BC - 221 BC

Confucius is born

551 BC

Shi Huangdi becomes emperor of China

221 BC

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 206 BC

Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD

Ancient India

Indus River Valley

Indus civilization grows along river

3200 BC

Harappan civilization was thriving

2500 BC

Beginning of the Indus River Valley

2500 BC

Cultural exchange between Mesopotamia and Indus River Valley

2300 BC

Harappan civilization vanished

1700 BC

Destruction of the Indus Valley civilziation

1550 BC

Aryans migrated to the Indus River Valley

1500 BC

The Persian empire stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River Valley

550 BC - 320 BC

Chandragupta Maurya started the first Indian empire

320 BC

Guptas took control of India

320 AD