South Asia Team Angie

Civilizations Civilizing

Indus Valley civilization

Approx. 3000 BCE - 1500 BCE

Harappa becomes one of the main cities of the Indus civilization

2500 BC

Indus River Civilization

2300 BCE - 1750 BCE

Development of urban grain-growing civilization on the Indus River; destroyed by climate and invasion.

Mauryan Empire

Approx. 324 BCE - 200 BCE

Domination of North India by Chandragupta, extended further south by Ashoka, his grandson.

Gupta Empire

320 CE - 500 CE

Gupta dominates North India.

Gupta Empire

320 CE - 500 CE

Guptas dominate North India.

Rajput Dynasties (North India); Regional Dynasties (South India)

650 CE - 1335 CE

War clans start appearing in Rajasthan.

Vijayanagar Empire

1336 - 1646

Rise of Hindu kingdom in South India

Mughal Empire

1526 - 1858

Mughal empire unifies North and parts of South India under its rule.

British India

1800 - Approx. 1947

Political dominance of British introduces Western culture, language, methods of government, technology into urban administrative centers.

Queen Victoria proclaims herself emperoress of India


Interesting Developments

The elephant is tamed in the Indus civilization

2000 BC

The Indian physician Susruta pioneers plastic surgery of the nose

550 BC

Delhi Sultanate

Approx. 1192 - 1526

Turko-Afghan chieftains establish sultanate at Delhi; dominate North India.

Portuguese traders in India

Approx. 1498

European traders in India

Approx. 1859

Establishment of trading outposts in India:
Dutch (1609); English (1612); French (1674)

This party is ReligiON


Approx. 900 BCE

Early Hinduism - belief in reincarnation, dharma, karma, and division of society into four classes (varnas).

Buddhism and Jainism

Approx. 500 BCE

Vardhamana, an Indian prince, leaves home to live as a beggar - at the start of the Jain religion

Approx. 470 BC

Siddartha Gautama, a prince in Nepal, leaves home to become a wandering ascetic

430 BC

Buddha introduces a vigorous tradition of monasticism, in the order of Buddhist monks known as Sangha

420 BC

Development/Diffusion of Sanskritic Culture

250 BCE

Major Hindu traditional texts take shape, gods Shiva and Vishnu are major figures, and Sanskritic culture spreads to South India.

Muslim Council Founded


Founded to protect Muslim rights in political situations.

Sweeeet Migrations

Aryan Migration

Approx. 1750 BCE - Approx. 1000 BCE

Migration of nomadic herding tribes into northwest India from Iranian plateau.

Indo-European tribes, known collectively as Aryans, enter India from the northwest

1500 BC

Invasions (but they're not alien invasions don't worry)

Invasion of Alexander the Great

Approx. 326 BCE

Invasions of North India

Approx. 200 BCE

Invasions by Central Asian tribes.

Invasion of Huns

Approx. 455 CE - Approx. 528 CE

Huns and other central asian tribes destroyed the Gupta Empire.

Arabs take Sind

Approx. 711

Pallava dynasty dominates south.

Raids of Mahmud of Ghazni

Approx. 997 - Approx. 1027

British Invasion of Afghanistan

Approx. 1838 - Approx. 1842

British forces invade and install King Shah Shujah.

Soviet Army Invasion of Afghanistan & Installation of Communist Government

Approx. 1979

This. Means. War.

Battle of Plassey

Approx. 1757

Victory over Nawab of Bengal gives East India company control of Bengal.

Vietnam War

Approx. 1945 - Approx. 1975

Vietnamese Civil War

Approx. 1960 - Approx. 1975

In 1975, South Vietnam relinquished control to communist North Vietnam.

War breaks out between Pakistan and India

Approx. 1965


Pakistan separates from India

Approx. 1947

Bangladesh separates from Pakistan

Approx. 1971

Last Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

Approx. 1989

Although the last Soviet troops leave, civil war follows as mujahideen fighters try to overthrow ruler.

Assissination Nation

King Shah Shujah of Afghanistan's Assassination

Approx. 1842

British and Indian troops retreat from Afghanistan after Shah Shujah's assassination.

Gandhi assassinated

Approx. 1948

I Write Tradegies

Bengal Famine

Approx. 1943

Caused the death of over 3 million people. Modern South Asia Timeline

Asian Financial Crisis

Approx. 1997