Japanese Expansion Timeline - 11Z

Economic Events

Economic Boom

1905 - 1912

8 year economic boom in Japan



Masujiro Hashimoto, an engineer trained in the USA, forms Kwaishinsha Jidosha Kojo to manufacture cars in Tokyo

Japan Population Growth


As a result of the growing economy population grew

The Great Depression

October 27 ,1929 - 1939

The Global economic crisis came about after the United States Wall Street crash and it called into question the whole international economic order. This caused doubt on Japan's own parliamentary government. It's exports fell drastically as tariffs went up. This lead up to the conclusion to take over Manchuria.

manchuria occupation


Tax were increased in Japan because it cost a lot to maintain the army in China. People celebrated "heroes" of Manchuria.

The Manchurian Crisis

September 18 1931

Explosion of South Manchurian Railway

September 18, 1931

The railway was blown up by the Kwantung Army.



Following a devaluation of the currency, the Japanese economy begins to recover ahead of Western economies

Military Actions

The Sino-Japanese War

1894 - 1895

A fight between the Empires of China and Japan. They were fighting for control over Korea. After the war, Korea was no longer a dependent state and Japan became more environmentally dominant.

The Russo-Japanese War

1904 - 1905

Russia and Japan were both interested in Korea and both clashed over it. Japan then planned a surprise attack on Russia and went to war. The war was resolved after the Treaty of Portsmouth. Japan ended up gaining control of Korea, and some parts of China. This event influenced Japanese expansion because since Japan was able to take over parts of Asia, they started to believe that it's their destiny as leader of Asia.

The Russo


Japanese War ends with the Treaty of Portsmouth

Seizing German Possesions


During World War I, Japan declared war on Germany after being ignored their demand for colonial territory in China. They were able to seize Germany's military bases on the Shandong Peninsula in north of China. This event influenced the Japanese to want to expand and become more powerful in order to obtain more land in China.

The Washington Conference

Approx. 1920 - 1930

In the 1920's treaties designed to keep peace, extremist elements within the Japan's government. The military's population never renounced the use of force to expand Japan's territory. After the 1920's economic and social political thing's played apart of the militarist.

The Washington Conference

1921 - 1930

The Washington Conference of 1921 wanted a Japanese alliance of 1902 and was replaced by Britain, Japan, USA, and France to determine if these countries should be threatened by the Pacific

The Northern Expedition

June 4, 1928

The Jiang then assasinated Zhang because he was for the movement of the Japanese expansion to oward Northern China.

Manchuria- Sept-Oct-1931

September 15, 1931 - October 28, 1931

Japanese troops marched into Chinese town, Manchuria

Foreign Policy Events

Landing of Matthew Perry


Commodore Perry arrived in Japan, determined to get Japan to open up to the US. This is was the starting point which eventually led to Japan becoming a world power, it also led to the industrialization of Japan.

Treaty of Tientsin


The Treaty of Tientsin was signed on September 3, 1871; it established free trade between China and Japan. As a result of this treaty suppose all tariffs between China and Japan were abolished

The Sino Japanese Wat

1894 - 1995

conflict between Japan and China that marked the emergence of Japan as a major world power and demonstrated the weakness of the Chinese empire.

Anglo-Japanese Alliance


A military alliance with the British, that not only strengthened the Japanese and ended Japan’s isolation with the world. This alliance was the first western and non western military alliance.

The Washington Conference


During the Washington Conference, the Americans insisted that the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1902 should be replaced by a Four-Power Treaty.

Manchukuo is created


A puppet state created by Japan to be one of the provinces of Manchuria. The state was also controlled by the Japanese and was used as a catalyst for their expansion into Asia. This impacted Japanese expansion by slowing going about with their plan.

Japan signs the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy


The agreement was that Germany and Italy would dominate Europe and leave Japan to dominate East Asia. This impacted Japanese expansion by providing them with allies who were to assist in their expansion.