The Maze Runner Timeline

The Maze Runner

The first book in the Maze Runner Trilogy

The Maze

September 1, 2020

After inquiring about Ben's condition, Thomas learned that the walls surrounding them are actually the Doors the the Maze, a gigantic maze that appears to be the only way out.

The Changing

September 1, 2020

Thomas meets Chuck, the boy who came in the box before him. They become good friends. But, then, they hear a scream coming from a nearby forest. They find a boy name Ben, who is going through a mysterious phase called the Changing.

The Box

September 1, 2020

Thomas wakes up in the box with no memory of his past except his name.

The Awakening

September 1, 2020

Thomas is helped out of the box by a group of people called the Gladers, and their leaders are a two boys named Alby and Newt, who are friendly.

The Last

September 2, 2020

Later, Alby is giving Thomas a tour of the Glade, when an alarm sounds, announcing the arrival of the Box with a new Glader. But, this new Glader is the first girl to ever enter the Glade, and she says, "everything is going to change." Then, her hand reveals a note that says "she's the last one - ever."

The Grievers

September 2, 2020

The next day, Thomas learns that monsters called Grievers live in the Maze, and that he should never venture into the Maze. He also learns that the Changing is what happens when a person gets stung by a Griever.


September 3, 2020

The next day, Alby begins to question Thomas when he announces that he kind of remembers the girl and that the maze looks familiar to him. When Thomas is alone, he chases after an unfamiliar insect. He is following it when a sickly Ben attacks him. Alby saves Thomas by shooting Ben with an arrow.

The Dead

September 4, 2020

After trying out different jobs in the Glade, Thomas is exhausted from a day's work. Suddenly, a teen runs out of the Maze and collapses on the ground. The boy is a runner, one of the people who explore the Maze. He announces that he's found a dead Griever. Then, Chuck announces to Thomas that Ben is not dead.

The Runner

September 4, 2020

Thomas finds out that the Runner's name was Minho. Thomas announces to Newt that he wants to be a Runner. Minho goes off with Alby into the Maze to find the dead Griever.

The Lost

September 5, 2020

Ben is banished out of the Glade and into the Maze for attempting to kill Thomas. Later, when the Doors are about to close, a crowd gathers due to the fact that Alby and Minho haven't returned. Then, when the doors are closing, Thomas spots an injured Minho dragging a limp Alby. No one rushes to help them, since no one survives a night in the Maze. But, at the last second, Thomas runs inside the Maze, with the Doors closing behind him.

The Wall

September 5, 2020

Minho explains to Thomas that they have no chance of survival. Minho runs off in to the Maze to distract the oncoming Grievers while Thomas and Alby climb up a wall of the Maze. But, a Griever follows them up the wall. Minho comes back, and with Thomas's help, they trick the Grievers into falling off a cliff. But, instead of falling to their death, the Grievers seemingly disappear.

The Changing (2)

September 6, 2020

Thomas is taken to the Med-center where Alby lies in the Changing. During the Changing, a stung person sees glimpses of their past. Alby tries to tell where he saw Thomas in the Changing, but he is too ill. Newt realizes that Thomas is special and takes him to the girl. The girl is still in a coma, but Thomas can hear her voice in his head. He leaves the room, scared and freaked out.

The Punishment

September 6, 2020

The leaders of the Glade have a meeting about Thomas, since he broke their number one rule. It is here that he makes an enemy, a boy named Gally. It is clear that Gally is mean-spirited, and he doesn't like Thomas. The meeting ends with Thomas being designated as a Runner along with Minho. Gally leaves the meeting with a complete hatred for Thomas since he wasn't punished as he should have been.

The Return

September 6, 2020

Thomas, Alby, and Minho return to the Glade the next day, to a heroes welcome. They are the first to survive a night in the Maze. Alby was stung by a Griever, so he begins the Changing.

The Slammer

September 7, 2020

Part of Thomas's punishment is to spend a day in the Slammer, the Gladers' jail.

The Runner (2)

September 8, 2020

Thomas begins his duty as a Runner the next day. Him and Minho explore the Maze, making maps. They see a Griever. They follow it to a cliff. Then, Thomas and Minho watch in awe as the Griever jumps off the cliff and disappears.

The Ending (2)

September 9, 2020

Gally runs into the map room, babbling about "Variables", but he is devoured by Grievers before he could reveal more. The map room is destroyed.

The Ending

September 9, 2020

After resting, Thomas wakes up the next day with the girl, whose name is Theresa, speaking in his head again. This time, she says, "Thomas, I just triggered the Ending." Thomas leaves his cot, dazed, but is aroused by the shouts of other Gladers. He realizes that it's night, and the Doors still haven't closed. Everyone except for Gally piles up in the map room to hide from Grievers raiding the camp.

The Changing (3)

September 10, 2020

In the Maze, Thomas allows himself to be stung so that he can go through the Changing. When he wakes up, he tells the others that they can escape through the 'Griever Hole' on the side of the cliff.

The Code

September 10, 2020

Minho and Thomas figure out that the Grievers were escaping through a hole in the abyss below the cliff. They also figure out that the letters on the walls of the Maze spell words, so Thomas and Minho decide to spend another night in the Maze while the now awake Theresa and the others figure out what code the maze spells.

The Escape

September 11, 2020

All forty Gladers run through the Maze to the Griever Hole. There, there are Grievers waiting for them. Alby sacrifices himself so that the others can escape.

The Death

September 11, 2020

After escaping down the Griever Hole, the Gladers find themselves in a large room, where a woman and a boy are standing. The boy takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Gally. Gally is under the control of the 'Creators', so he throws a spear at Thomas, but Chuck jumps in front of the spear killing him. Someone kills Gally.

The Escape and the End

September 11, 2020

Men with guns rush into the room, killing the woman and helping the kids escape from the facility called WICKED.