Ignatius Crane

Ancilla Tremere



April 1, 1890

Iggy was born James William Kent. His mother, a Polish immigrant married into the Astor family in the late 1800s. Their family was large, Iggy being the youngest of 6 children.

Met Best Friend


Because he was a handfull and his mother was sickly and trying to keep up with the social standards of the time, Iggy was given over to a nanny in 1894. Little did he know, he'd meet his best friend that day. The two were inseperable. Where there was one, there was the other. They were master prank artists, even from a young age, and every time they were caught, Iggy would say it was his idea, and because his mother was protective, never got punished. This attitude towards figures of authority would continue throughout his life and then into his time as a vampire.

Grandmother moved in


In the Summer of 1897, Iggys father paid for his grandmother to move to the United States from Poland. She was a foreign entity in a world that didn't understand her. In a world of refinement and propriety, she favored the outdoors and the land. His grandmother was in not so many words, a witch, though it was not a stigma where she was from. More like a medicine woman. Though it wasn't talked about with the rest of the family, she taught Iggy everything she knew. Reading cards, signs in nature, remedies, how to hex people... Even how to contact the dead. Between his proper education and the education his grandmother gave him, his mind tended to wander, which would lead to him often getting into trouble.

Moving to Florida

May 8, 1908

In the summer of 1908, Iggy moved to Florida where his Paternal Grandparents had relocated 10 years prior. They had already made a lot of money in land developement. His father, not amused by his antics, decided that he needed to do something respectable and insisted he go live with his grandparents and learn their business practices. Iggy was not pleased about this because he was more interested in engineering and mathematics and drawing than making money for the family.

The fight to end all fights (part 1)

November 1912

Iggys paternal grandparents did not approve of his mother, and in extension, himself. They were very strict with what he did while in Florida, and kept him at arms length. His grandfather was not afraid to talk down on Iggys mother and grandmother, going into detail about the flaws in their Jewish upbringing. Iggy, not being one to take guff from anyone, didn't take it well and began sabotaging his grandparents company by purposefully sending information on their sales habits to their competitors. As these things happen, 23 year old Iggy wasn't the most thorough in covering his tracks, and he was found out. After a huge blow out fight with his grandfather, which resulted in the police being called, Iggy ran away and made his way back to New York to be with his mother.

Ran to New York


After the Death of his Grandmother, he acted even more irrationally. When the police came for him, he fled to New York city where he planned to go to college. Unfortunately he didn't spend very much time there, as the police got word that he was in the city, and he barely made it out without getting arrested.

The fight to end all fights (part 2)

January 1913

After taking a month to travel North and clear his head, Iggy went home where he had planned to live with his mother and grandmother. His father had other plans. Iggy and his father got into such a heated debate, that it came to blows. Iggy went to strike his father, and his grandmother stepped in front of him so that he wouldn't hit anyone, and in his anger, he struck his grandmother instead, not realizing what he was done until it was too late. She fell to the ground and her head struck the corner of the fireplace mantle as she fell, and she died instantly. Iggy in a panic tried to wake her but she was gone.

The family tried to cover it up. Iggy became obsessed with his grandmother, taking all of her things, and dedicating himself to her memory. He delved deeply into the occult studies that she practiced and did what he could to make it up to her memory.


June 5, 1914

Iggy had spent most of his time in California conning people out of their money. It wasn't an honest living, but it was fun. He stole what he could when he could, putting his massive intellect to use devising these elaborate cons that he'd work for months at a time. As luck would have it, he just so happened to have been working the same mark as a young tremere bounty hunter. After getting into a long and frustrating game of cat and mouse, Iggy was embraced by the tremere, and quickly initiated into the family business of bounty hunting supernatural creatures.

Acepted Neonate


Traveled the SW

1915 - 1970

A lot happened during this time period in Iggys Life. He learned who he really was, breaking through his own mental blocks, and truly becoming that person he was meant to be. He found the courage he needed to find his center, and in the end, it was the reason he was embraced. He also went from Chantry to Chantry trying to learn as much useful and dangerous knowledge as possible. This tendency made his stays shorter than average in each chantry he'd visit. He'd offer his services as a bounty hunter. Track down folks. Things would then get weird. And he's leave. The only reason he got out of trouble as much as he did was because he was really good at his job.

Met Broodmate

April 5, 1915

After being released and acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla, it was decided by his sire because of his curious and destructive nature, that he shouldn't be left alone. His broodmate Izadora was called in to keep him company and keep him out of too much trouble. It was an interesting match, her nullifying qualities and his penchant for conning people out of the shirt off their backs.

Joined House Avakian


In 1969, Iggy made his way to Tuscon, where he quite by happenstance found himself surrounded by like-minded Tremere who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty to accomplish a task, even if their practices were iffy.

He made close friends with the Regent of the area, Johannes Nail von der Nyssen, who showed him favor quickly, appreciating Iggys go getter attitude in the face of danger. They made a bond that would later play a big part in Iggys existance, as a gift would be given by an unexpected friend some 10 years later.

Met Stoneking


After a long and arduous conversation with his new mentor, Iggy was introduced to Stoneking, a Gargoyle that Johannes Nail von der Nyssen had helped escape from his original keepers. Johannes had never had a stomach for keeping slaves, predominantly because of his Jewish heritage, which surprisingly enough was something Johannes and Iggy shared.

In secret, Johannes introduced Iggy to Stoneking, and informed him that he was going to teach Iggy Visceratika in response to a service that Johannes had done for Stoneking, to which Iggy still isn't completely clear on.

Stoneking and Iggy spent several months together, developing the gifts of the Gargoyle Clan in his own blood. Iggy, not really understanding what the big deal was accepted it for what it was, a gift, and didn't really think much about it.

It wasn't until Stoneking was to part ways with Iggy, that he warned him to never mention his abilities to anyone, as they would get him killed or worse. Iggy has hid it from as many people as he can to this very day. He even covers up the patches of rocky skin in hopes that no one notices and realizes what he has in his blood.

Discovers the Internet


In early 1989, Iggy discovers the internet. To him this was the most important moment in his life. Those he interacts with however would disagree from time to time considering his now formed belief that he is the internet. This was also the year that he started learning Technomancy. Things devolved from this point, as he got better and better at tracking people through his information gathering skills as a Technomancer.

Family Drama


In the Summer of 1991, Iggy got word that his sire was accused of heresy. His sire was rumored to have escaped south and disappeared on an island. He volunteered to track her down. He tracked her to the Dominican Republic, where he hunted her for nearly 5 years. When he found her, she'd be caught by local authorities, who placed her on trial immediately. She of course was found guilty and staked out in the sun. Ignatius paid a pretty penny to find out the location of her body, before she was to be murdered. He saved took her body and hid it away, killing another Kindred so they thought that she had been murdered.

He hid her body away, and to this day hasn't told anyone where he keeps her. Maybe one day he will wake his sire, but for now she sleeps.

Studied in Tuscon

1995 - 2013

For the next several years, Iggy and his sister spent a lot of time at the Tuscon chantry. They worked odd jobs for Princes around the United States. They made a bit of a name for themselves, hunting down unregistered practitioners of Thaumaturgy and Necromancy.

Confirmed Ancilla


In January of 2015, Iggy was confirmed Ancilla in Tuscon. Feeling like he'd done his time, he traveled North, looking for adventure and trouble. He was unsure of what lay in front of him but knew that it would be fun regardless.


New York

1902 - 1920

Miami Beach, Florida

1920 - 1924

New York

December 1924 - 1925


1926 - 1940

Las Vegas

1940 - 1950


1950 - 1970


1970 - 1985

New York, NY

1985 - 1990

Dominican Republic

1990 - 1994


1994 - 1995


1995 - 2013