Fujiwara Razan Timeline

Mortal Life

Born to Kujō Branch of the Fujiwara Family

Approx. 1760

Vampiric Life

Embraced During Great Kyoto Fire

Approx. 1788

Familial Relations

Approx. 1790 - Approx. 1840

After surviving the fire, and embrace, Razan was discovered a year or two later by other, far older, members of his own lineage. After gaining some measure of acceptance, Razan apprentices himself to a far older member of his clan, seeking to learn as much as he can from the ancient.

Sides with Sat-Cho Alliance


After attending a gathering of the Shoguns, Razan decides to officially support the movement backing the Emperor Komei and the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. While he would see little battle himself during the wars that followed, he would aid in the movement of supplies and money for the cause.

Transferred to Tokyo

3/15/1882 - 6/28/1915

At the request if his lieges, Razan is transferred to the Imperial Capital in order to aid the newly created Bank of Japan. While there he would play a small part in helping with the political aspects of its early years.

Granted Fujiwara Family Name


For his aid in service to the Empire and his own Clan during the transfer of the Meiji Restoration, Razan is elevated to and given the name Fujiwara. With this would also come a new host of responsibilities, such as managing the undead and mortal affairs/interests of the clan.

Slips into Torpor

June 18, 1980 - Approx. 2015

Accord Life

Awakens from Torpor - Joins Chobu and the Accord

Approx. 2016