Muhammad's (pbuh) Life

The life of Muhammad (pbuh) ... ?

Before Islam

The years before Islam started.


570 AD

Muhammad was born in 570 BC, before Islam was created.

Grandfather Died

578 AD

Muhammad's (pbuh) grandfather died when he was only eight years old.


595 AD

Muhammad (pbuh) married at age 25, to a wealthy and older woman, named Khadija.

Vision of the Angel Gabriel

610 AD

People didn't believe Muhammad (pbuh) that he had a vision, and refused to follow his religion.

After Islam

After Islam was created.

The Hegira

622 AD - 629 AD

The Hegira was when Muhammad (pbuh) and his few followers fled to Medina from Mecca after 10 years of struggle.

The Return To Mecca

629 AD

Muhammad (pbuh) and his crew returned to Mecca .

The Taking Over of Mecca

630 AD

Muhammad (pbuh) and army seized Mecca .


632 AD

Muhammad (pbuh) died. It's as simple as that.