Largely according to The Plan Bible by Jeff Swanson, with supplementary material from Ussher, Josephus, and others, filling out our world's history from a Biblical worldview from Creation to Today.


Edenic Covenant Made

3960 BC

Adamic Covenant Made

3960 BC

Noahic Covenant Made

2303 BC

Abrahamic Covenant Made

1913 BC

Mosaic Covenant Made

1507 BC

Exodus 19

Palestinian Covenant Made

1467 BC

Deuteronomy 29; Numbers 36

Davidic Covenant Made

1044 BC

2 Samuel 7

New Covenant Instituted

33 AD

1 Corinthians 11:25

Other World Rulers

Enoch Reigns Over Rodinia

3273 BC - 2973 BC

Book of Jasher

Nimrod Rules

2022 BC - 1837 BC

Book of Jasher; ruled over the whole world until Kedorlaomer defeated him in 1947, thus ruling over the whole world for 75 years

Abimelech Rules Palestine

Approx. 1947 BC - 1872 BC

Book of Jasher

Hadad Rules Edom

1723 BC - 1688 BC

Book of Jasher

Argon Rules Kingdom of Lydia

1223 BC

Ussher; Argon was the son of Nimrod

Semiramis Rules Asia

1215 BC - 1173 BC


Tiglath-Pileser III Rules Assyrian Empire

747 BC - 728 BC


Nabonassar Rules Over Babylon

747 BC - 733 BC


Shalmaneser V Rules Assyria

728 BC - 717 BC


So Rules Egypt

725 BC

So was from Ethiopia

Gyges Rules Lydia

718 BC


Sennacherib (Sarbon II) Rules Assyrian Empire

717 BC - 710 BC


Esarhaddon Rules Assyrian Empire

710 BC - 668 BC


Egypt Ruled by 12-Man Aristocracy

685 BC - 670 BC


Shamash-shum-ukin Rules Babylon

668 BC - 648 BC

Ussher; brother of Ashurbanipal

Psammetichus (Psamtik I) Rules Egypt

664 BC - 610 BC


Necho Rules Egypt

610 BC - 595 BC

Wikipedia; he killed Josiah in 608 BC

Nebuchadnezzar Rules Babylonian Empire

605 BC - 560 BC

Neriglaissar (Nergal-Sharezer) Rules Babylonian Empire

560 BC - 556 BC


Awel-Marduk Rules Babylonian Empire

560 BC

Cyrus Rules Persia

559 BC - 529 BC


Laborosoarchodus (Labashi-Marduk) Rules Babylonian Empire

556 BC


Nabonidus Rules Babylonian Empire

555 BC - 538 BC

Nabonidus (Awel-Marduk's son) reigned with his son, Belshazzar for much of his reign

Darius Rules Medo-Persian Empire

538 BC - 521 BC

Ussher; from 522-485 BC, his reign over 127 provinces were reduced to 20

Cyrus Co-Rules from Babylon

536 BC - 529 BC


Cambyses II Rules Medo-Persian Empire

529 BC - 522 BC


Xerxes I Rules Medo-Persian Empire

486 BC - 465 BC

Xerxes I was Darius's son

Esther Made Queen

483 BC

Wikipedia; occurred in 3rd year of Xerxes' (Ahasuerus) reign. According to the midrash Tanhuma, Darius gave his son Xerxes Belshazzar's wife Vashti, and this Vashti is the one who Esther (also known as Hadassah) replaced

Artaxerxes I Rules Persia

465 BC - 424 BC

Wikipedia, Ctesias

Xerxes II Rules Medo-Persia

425 BC - 424 BC


Sogdianus Rules Medo-Persian Empire

424 BC - 423 BC


Ochus (Darius II) Rules Medo-Persian Empire

423 BC - 405 BC


Artaxerxes II Rules Medo-Persian Empire

404 BC - 358 BC

Artaxerxes III (Ochus) Rules Medo-Persian Empire

358 BC - 338 BC


Artaxerxes IV (Arses) Rules Medo-Persian Empire

338 BC - 336 BC


Darius III Rules Medo-Persian Empire

336 BC - 330 BC


Alexander Rules Grecian Empire

330 BC - 323 BC

Ussher; he began ruling in Greece in 336 BC

Ptolemy I (Soter) Greek King of the South

323 BC - 285 BC


Seleucus I Proclaims Himself King of Babylon

305 BC - 280 BC

Ussher; he was the commander of Ptolemy I (Soter)

Ptolemy II (Philadephus) Greek King of the South

285 BC - 246 BC


Ptolemy III (Euergetes) Greek King of the South

246 BC - 221 BC

Ussher; he conquered the north and most of Asia

Attalus Self-Proclaimed King of Pergamum

241 BC - 175 BC

Ussher; General Achaeus regained the western territory from Attalus

Antiochus III Greek King of the North

223 BC - 187 BC

Ussher; he was Seleucus II's youngest son

Ptolemy IV (Philopater) Greek King of the South

221 BC - 204 BC


Ptolemy V (Epiphanes) Greek King of the South

204 BC - 180 BC


Ptolemy VI (Philometer) Greek King of the South

180 BC - 146 BC


Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) Greek King of the NOrth

175 BC - 164 BC


Ptolemy VII (Physcon) Greek Ruler of the South

146 BC - 117 BC


Ptolemy VIII and IX Greek Rulers of the South

117 BC - 107 BC

Ussher; Ptolemy VIII was Lathurus (Sotor II) and Ptolemy IX was his mother Cleopatra III

Alexander and Cleopatra III Greek Rulers of the South

107 BC - 89 BC


Lathurus Greek King of the South

89 BC - 81 BC

Ussher; returned to rule after his brother Alexander murdered their mother and then fled to Egypt

Ptolemy X (Alexander II) Greek King of the South

81 BC - 65 BC


Ptolemy XI (Auletes) Greek King of the South

65 BC - 55 BC

Ussher; Auletes was the son of Lathurus

Ptolemy XII (Theos Philopator) and Cleopatra VII Greek Rulers of the South

55 BC - 44 BC


Julius Caesar Rules Roman Empire

49 BC - 44 BC

Ussher; he was a dictator

Octavius Rules Roman Empire

44 BC - 14 AD


Herod the Great Reigns

37 BC - 3 BC

He was a client king of Rome, ruling over the district of Judea

Gaius Caligula Rules Rome

37 AD - 41 AD


Claudius Rules Roman Empire

41 AD - 54 AD


Emperor Nero Rules Roman Empire

54 AD - 68 AD

Ussher; full name is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus; known by most as Nero

Porcius Festus Governor of Judea

60 AD - 62 AD


Emperor Galba Rules Roman Empire

68 AD


Emperor Vitellius Rules Roman Empire

69 AD


Emperor Vespasian Rules Roman Empire

69 AD - 79 AD


Emperor Otho Rules Roman Empire

69 AD


Emperor Titus Rules Roman Empire

79 AD - 81 AD

Emperor Domitian Rules Roman Empire

81 AD - 96 AD

Constantine Rules Roman Empire

306 AD - 337 AD

First "Christian" Emperor

Pope Miltiades

311 AD - 314 AD

First recognized pope after Constantine issues the Edict of Milan in 313 AD

Pope Silvester

314 AD - 335 AD

Pope Marcus

336 AD

Pope Iulius (Julius)

337 AD - 352 AD

Pope Liberius

352 AD - 366 AD

Pope Damasus

366 AD - 384 AD

Pope Siricius

384 AD - 399 AD

Pope Anastasius I

399 AD - 401 AD

Pope Innocentius

401 AD - 417 AD

Pope Zosimus

417 AD - 418 AD

Pope Bonifatius

418 AD - 422 AD

Pope Coelestinus

422 AD - 432 AD

Pope Sixtus

432 AD - 440 AD

Pope Leo Magnus

440 AD - 461 AD



3960 BC - 3030 BC


3830 BC - 2918 BC


3725 BC - 2820 BC


3635 BC - 2725 BC


3565 BC - 2670 BC


3500 BC - 2538 BC


3338 BC - 2973 BC


3273 BC - 2304 BC


3086 BC - 2309 BC


2904 BC - 1954 BC

Japheth Born

2406 BC

Book of Jasher


2402 BC - 1802 BC


2301 BC - 1864 BC


2267 BC - 1834 BC


2237 BC - 1773 BC


2203 BC - 1964 BC


2173 BC - 1934 BC


2141 BC - 1911 BC


2111 BC - 1963 BC


2082 BC - 1877 BC


2065 BC - 1872 BC

Book of Jasher; was the king of the Philistines and a good friend of Abraham after the whole incident with Sarah


2052 BC - 1837 BC


2044 BC - 1872 BC

Book of Jasher; twin of Haran, son of Terah - 32 years older than Abram


2044 BC - 1962 BC

Brother of Abram and Nahor, son of Terah - died in furnace fire of Casdim under orders of Nimrod: Abram was not hurt


2013 BC - 1873 BC

Book of Jasher

Abram (Abraham)

2012 BC - 1837 BC

Sarai (Sarah)

2002 BC - 1875 BC


1926 BC - 1789 BC

Book of Jasher


1912 BC - 1732 BC


1882 BC - 1749 BC

Book of Jasher


1852 BC - 1705 BC

Book of Jasher; died trying to take back the inheritance he had sold to his brother Jacob - Joseph and his men fought them off in order to bury their father in the cave of Machpelah

Jacob (Israel)

1852 BC - 1705 BC

Esau, his twin brother, was 15 when he killed Nimrod


1797 BC - 1752 BC

Book of Jasher


1797 BC - 1746 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah and Rachel were twins


1768 BC - 1643 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah


1767 BC - 1647 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah


1766 BC - 1629 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah


1765 BC - 1636 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah


1765 BC - 1633 BC

Book of Jasher; Bilhah


1764 BC - 1639 BC

Book of Jasher; Zilpah


1764 BC - 1650 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah


1763 BC - 1640 BC

Book of Jasher; Zilpah


1763 BC - 1641 BC

Book of Jasher; Leah


1762 BC - 1642 BC

Book of Jasher; Bilhah


1761 BC - 1651 BC

Rachel; when he died, he was embalmed and placed in a coffin; all of Egypt mourned over him for 70 days; he was later carried on with the Israelites to Canaan to be buried in the cave of Machpelah with his family


1752 BC - Approx. 1722 BC

Book of Jasher; Rachel; got his first wife at the age of 10 (Mechalia), had 5 children and then got a 2nd wife at the age of 18 (Aribath) and had another 5 sons; may have been sickly, which would explain why he was married off so young by his father and why he isn't mentioned again after entering Egypt


1598 BC - 1468 BC

She was the sister of Moses


1591 BC - 1468 BC

He was 4 years old when Pharaoh came to kill all those 2 years old and under


1587 BC - 1467 BC


1549 BC - 1439 BC

Herodotus born

484 BC

Ussher; father of history (Gentile historian)


428 BC - 348 BC



384 BC - 322 BC

Wikipedia; being the tutor of Alexander the Great at the request of king Philip was instrumental in giving him the resources to do the extensive study and writings that he did

Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great)

356 BC - 323 BC

Wikipedia; he was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16


73 BC - 3 BC

Josephus; since the Magi visited Jesus while he was still in Bethlehem and we know from Luke 2 that Jesus was presented to the Lord during Mary's purification rituals about a month after his birth, it appears that Mary and Joseph fled with Jesus within his first 6 months of life since they didn't have time to return to their hometown before the angel told them to flee to Egypt, meaning Herod died in the year Jesus was born!


4 BC - 33 AD

This was His earthly life, followed by His resurrection and ascension 50 days after His death in His glorified body!

John the Baptist

3 BC - 32 AD

Died by beheading at the hands of Herod


37 AD - 100 AD

Wikipedia/Ussher; in 69 AD, after being taken captive by Rome, he defected to Rome and became an advisor of the Emperor and friend of Titus, taking on the Emperor's family name Flavius; he wrote his historical books from 75-99 AD



3960 BC

Bronze and Iron Tools Made

Approx. 3120 BC

Forging began with Tubal-Cain

Instruments Made

Approx. 3120 BC

Stringed and pipe instruments are invented by Jubal

Tenting and Farming Begin

Approx. 3120 BC


Noah Builds Ark

2309 BC - 2304 BC

Book of Jasher


2304 BC - 2303 BC

War Between Nimrod and Japheth's People

2012 BC

Book of Jasher

Tower of Babel (Nations Begin)

2002 BC - 1968 BC

Abraham Tutored by Noah and Shem

2001 BC - 1962 BC

Book of Jasher

Nimrod Builds 4 Cities

1964 BC

Abram Leaves Harran for Canaan 1st Time

1957 BC - 1940 BC

Kedorlaomer Defeats Nimrod (Amraphel)

1947 BC

Abram Goes to Zoan (Tanis), Egypt

1937 BC

Abraham Goes to Canaan 2nd Time

1937 BC

Abraham was 75 at this time

Sodom and Gomorrah Stop Paying Taxes

1935 BC

This was in the 13th year of the reign of Kedorlaomer

Kedorlaomer Rallies His Allies and Defeats 6 Nations

1934 BC

Lot was carried away with the rest of the captives; those defeated were largely nations consisting of races of giants: Rephaites, Karnaim, Zuzites, Emites, Amalekites, and Amorites

War of Chittim and Tubal

1921 BC

Book of Jasher

Ishmael and Hagar Sent Away

1907 BC

Book of Jasher; Ishmael was trying to kill Isaac with an arrow while practicing with his bow but Sarah caught him - Hagar wanted her son to receive the inheritance

Abraham Offers Isaac as Sacrifice

1875 BC

Book of Jasher; when Sarah found out that Isaac was still alive, she was so overcome with joy that her heart gave out.

Isaac Tutored by Shem and Eber

1875 BC - 1872 BC

Book of Jasher

Jacob Tutored by Shem and Eber

1834 BC - 1802 BC

Book of Jasher; in 1802, Shem died and a great funeral procession was made in his honor with kings and relatives from all over coming to pay their respects

Jacob Hides in House of Eber

1789 BC - 1775 BC

Book of Jasher; he was fleeing from his brother after he had stolen the blessing from Esau with his mother's help and felt that Eber's place was the safest

Jacob Works 14 Years for Leah and Rachel

1775 BC - 1761 BC

Book of Jasher; after leaving the house of Eber, once he returned home, Esau's hatred was rekindled and his mother Rebecca sent him to Haran to get away and get a wife

Joseph Sold as Slave to Egypt

1744 BC

Joseph Sold as Slave to Egypt

1744 BC

Joseph Made Governor Over Egypt

1731 BC - 1651 BC

Jacob and His Family Enter Egypt

1722 BC

Jacob lived in Egypt 17 years before dying at the age of 147

Moses Kills Egyptian and Flees

1547 BC

Moses Lives in Midian

1521 BC - 1507 BC

Marries Zipporah during this time and has 2 children: Gershom and Eliezer

All Firstborn in Egypt Die

1507 BC

This also marked the first Passover for Israel; it happened on Wednesday, March 24, 1507 BC

Exodus from Egypt

1507 BC

1st Passover Out of Egypt

1506 BC

It happened on Monday, March 14, 1506 BC

Israel Leaves Horeb

1506 BC

They left on Tuesday, April 19, 1506 BC

First Census of Israel

1506 BC

There were 603,550 men, meaning there could have been nearly 2 million people total

Israel Wanders in Wilderness

1506 BC - 1468 BC

Tabernacle Built

1506 BC

Israel Defeats Amorites

1468 BC

These were known to be men of larger stature (considered by some to be giants)

Israel Conquers Canaan

1467 BC - 605 BC

Although most of the conquering was done within the first 22 years, Israel continued to fight the nations they had let live all throughout their history up until right before Babylon conquered them

Crossing the Jordan River

1467 BC

Caleb Takes Hebron

1462 BC

He was 85 when he conquered this city which was filled with the Anakites (these were giants; so much so that the Israelite spies reported that they looked like grasshoppers in their sight)

Dividing Land of Israel

1445 BC

Land of Canaan is Divided Between 12 Tribes of Israel

1445 BC

Aram Oppresses Israel

1423 BC - 1415 BC

Judges Begin Leading Israel

1415 BC

Moab Oppresses Israel

1393 BC - 1375 BC

Canaanites Oppress Israel

1315 BC - 1295 BC

Ninus establishes Assyrian Kingdom

1267 BC

Ninus was another name for Nimrod, and he ruled from Ninevah which was built by his uncle Asher

Midianites Oppress Israel

1262 BC - 1255 BC

Abimelek Oppresses Israel

1215 BC - 1212 BC

Abimelek was the son of Gideon

Ammonites Oppress Israel

1185 BC - 1167 BC

Ammonites Oppress Israel

1185 BC - 1167 BC

Troy Destroyed by Greeks

1184 BC


Philistines Oppress Israel

1156 BC - 1116 BC

Philistines Capture Ark of the Covenant

1117 BC


First King of Israel Appointed (Saul)

1110 BC

Saul's Reign

1110 BC - 1070 BC

King David's Reign

1070 BC - 1030 BC

Solomon's Reign

1030 BC - 990 BC

Solomon's Temple Built

1027 BC - 1020 BC

Solomon's Palace Built

1020 BC - 1007 BC

Shishak, King of Egypt, Attacks Israel

985 BC

Periodic Wars Between King Asa and King Baasha

960 BC - 934 BC

Asa was king of Judah and Baasha was king of Israel

Ben-Hadad II Attacks Samaria

901 BC

Ussher; he was king of Syria (Aram) and upon losing, King Ahab spared his life

Roman Dating Begins

748 BC


Nabonassar Calendar Begins

747 BC


Assyrian World Power

747 BC - 626 BC


9 Years of Civil Unrest in Israel

736 BC - 728 BC

Shalmaneser V forces Hoshea into Tribute

728 BC

Ussher; Hoshea was king of Israel

Hezekiah Reinstates Temple Sacrifices

725 BC

Hezekiah was 25 years old

Samaria Held Under Siege by Assyria

721 BC - 719 BC

Assyria eventually captured Samaria

Philistines Destroyed by Assyria

713 BC


Sennacherib Attacks Egypt

712 BC

Ussher; Thebes was destroyed

Sennacherib Attacks Judah

711 BC


Sennacherib Defeats King Tirhakah (Ethiopia)

710 BC


Esarhaddon Conquers Babylon

680 BC - 668 BC


Assyria Populates Israeli Cities

677 BC

This marked the beginning of the Samaritans

Assyrian Power Declines

634 BC - 605 BC


Babylon World Power

626 BC - 538 BC


Nineveh Destroyed

626 BC

Ussher; Nabopolassar, king of Babylon, joined with Astyages of Media and destroyed Nineveh together

Josiah Repairs Temple

621 BC

He was 26 years old

1st Deportation of Judah

605 BC - 603 BC

Citizens of Judah are taken to Babylon, including Daniel and his 3 friends who were of royal status

Babylon Besieges Israel

605 BC

Nebuchadnezzar Takes Much of Egypt

605 BC


Nebuchadnezzar has Dream of Statue

603 BC

2nd Deportation

598 BC

Ussher; 3,023 Jews willingly go to Babylon

3rd Deportation

597 BC

3rd group of Jews deported to Babylon; Mordecai (Esther's cousin/adoptive father) was brought to Babylon along with Jehoiachin king of Judah

Zedekiah Brought to Babylon

593 BC

Ussher; his sons were killed in front of him and then his eyes were gouged out before he was brought to Babylon

Pharaoh Hophra (Apries) Attacks Nebuchadnezzar

590 BC

4th Deportation

588 BC

4th group of Jews brought to Babylon

Babylon Besieges Jerusalem

588 BC - 586 BC

5th Deportation

586 BC

All survivors of value were brought to Babylon; the land of Judah became desolate, with only the poorest people remaining

Gedaliah Governor of Judah

586 BC

Nebuchadnezzar made Gedaliah governor to govern those that came back to Judah

1st Temple Destroyed

586 BC

The walls and palaces (including Solomon's Palace) were all broken down; all the treasures and articles were brought to Babylon

Remnant Flees to Egypt

586 BC

They took Jeremiah with them, despite his warnings

Scattered Jews Return to Judah

586 BC

Nebuchadnezzar Pillages Ammon, Moab, and Edom

585 BC - 572 BC

6th Deportation

582 BC

6th group of Jews go to Babylon (Jeremiah 52)

Tyre Surrenders to Nebuchadnezzar

572 BC


Nebuchadnezzar Builds Hanging Gardens for Wife

570 BC


Nebuchadnezzar Goes Insane

570 BC - 563 BC


Jehoiachin Released from Prison

560 BC

Medes and Persians Unite

559 BC


Darius Conquers Babylon

538 BC

Ussher; became the first ruler of the Medo-Persian Empire at the age of 62

Lake Around Babylon Drained

538 BC

Jeremiah 51

Medes and Persians World Power

538 BC - 333 BC

Ussher; after draining the lake, the Medo-Persian soldiers walked right in and conquered Babylon while Belshazzar was partying

Cyrus Decrees Rebuilding Temple

536 BC

Altar of Temple Rebuilt

535 BC

Ezra 3

Temple Foundation Laid

534 BC

Xerxes Conquers Ethiopia

524 BC

Temple Work Postponed

522 BC - 520 BC

Ussher; Ezra 4

Darius Reissues Building of Temple

520 BC

Ussher; Nehemiah 6:15-19

Temple Construction Completed

515 BC

Ussher; Ezra 6

Greeks Defeat Persia at Salamis

480 BC


Haman Killed and Israel Saved

478 BC

Esther and Mordecai worked together to expose Haman's plot to destroy the Jews

Ezra Leads Jews Back to Jerusalem

466 BC

Ezra 7

Artaxerxes I Decrees Rebuilding Jerusalem

452 BC

Nehemiah 2:1

Wall of Jerusalem Completed

452 BC

Nehemiah 6

Ezra Reads Law to Israel

452 BC

Nehemiah 7; Israel confesses their sins

Nehemiah Made Governor of Judah

452 BC - 440 BC

Nehemiah 5

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 404 BC


Jerusalem Finished Being Rebuilt

403 BC

Daniel 9:25

Artaxerxes III Subdues Israel

350 BC

Ussher; he was the first Persian to totally subdue them

Alexander the Great Conquers Known World

336 BC - 326 BC

Tyre and Gaza fell in 332 BC, with people of Tyre, Philistines, and Jews all being sold to Arabia

Greece World Power

330 BC - 63 BC


Grecian Empire Divided Between 4 Generals

323 BC

Ussher; this was done upon Alexander's death in Babylon

Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) captures Jerusalem

170 BC

Ussher; Daniel 11

Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) Commits Abomination of Desolation

168 BC

Ussher; he sacrificed a pig on the Temple altar (Daniel 8)

Maccabean Revolt

165 BC

Ussher; led to restoring and cleansing of the Temple

Babylon Destroyed

130 BC


Rome World Power

49 BC - 410 AD


Herod Expands Temple

39 BC - 17 BC

Herod loved architecture

Octavius Declared Caesar Augustus by Senate

27 BC - 14 AD

Ussher; became the first official emperor of Rome

Birth of Jesus Christ

3 BC

The Messiah was born in Bethlehem!

Jesus' Ministry

29 AD - 33 AD

Jesus' Resurrection and Ascension

33 AD

After being in the grave 3 days, Christ rose from the dead and 40 days after that, He ascended to heaven!

Jesus' Crucifixion

33 AD

Luke 23:32-49

Stephen Stoned

33 AD

Ussher; first Christian martyr

Paul Called by Jesus

35 AD

Ussher; he was a Pharisee at the time and was blinded on the way to Damascus to persecute the Christians - Christ called him to serve Him

Paul's 1st Missionary Journey

44 AD - 45 AD


Council of Jerusalem

52 AD


Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey

53 AD - 56 AD


Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey

56 AD - 60 AD


Paul's 4th Missionary Journey

60 AD


Paul's 1st Imprisonment in Rome

63 AD - 65 AD


Nero Watches Rome Burn

64 AD - 65 AD


Paul Imprisoned in Rome Again

66 AD - 67 AD


Temple Destroyed

70 AD

The 2nd Temple and city of Jerusalem were destroyed by General Titus, the same Titus who became Emperor

Council of Jamnia

90 AD

Ussher; Old Testament canon established

Hebrew Bible Canon Standardized

200 AD

Edict of Milan

313 AD

End of Christian Persecution on a political level throughout the Roman Empire

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

Settled issue of Christ’s Divinity and humanity
Nicene Creed made
Topics: Arianism

Council of Laodicia

363 AD

Included Apocrypha as part of Bible canon

Council of Constantinople

381 AD

Topics: Arianism, Apollinarism, Sabellianism, Holy Spirit

Council of Hippo

393 AD

Council of Carthage

397 AD

Jerome translates the Bible into Latin

405 AD

The Vulgate

Rome Sacked by Visigoths

410 AD

Council of Ephesus

431 AD

Topics: Nestorianism, Theotokos, Pelagianism

Council of Chalcedon

451 AD

Topics: Definition of the Godhead and manhood of Christ, and many disputes involving particular bishops and sees



3273 BC - 2973 BC


2424 BC - 2304 BC


1507 BC - 1467 BC


Approx. 1116 BC - 1098 BC

According to Josephus in his 5th book in the Antiquities of the Jews, he lived 18 years after Eli's death, thus dying in 1098 BC


1034 BC - Approx. 1030 BC


1020 BC


970 BC - 929 BC


932 BC - 910 BC


910 BC - Approx. 850 BC


808 BC - Approx. 800 BC


808 BC - 704 BC


Approx. 808 BC


Approx. 808 BC


Approx. 808 BC


Approx. 759 BC


Approx. 741 BC


629 BC


627 BC - 586 BC


Approx. 609 BC


603 BC - 533 BC

Born in 627 BC


592 BC - 570 BC

Born in 622 BC


Approx. 587 BC


Approx. 520 BC


520 BC


Approx. 416 BC

John the Baptist

26 AD - 32 AD

Was the voice in the desert preparing the way of the Lord

John the Apostle

95 AD - 100 AD

The Book of Revelation is almost exclusively prophetic writing

Natural Phenomenon

Includes natural disasters, interesting natural events, etc.

Famine Throughout Mesopotamia

1724 BC - 1715 BC

Book of Jasher

Severe Famine Throughout Roman Empire

44 AD