Patricia Rossiter Hall

Created by Sierra Robinson Penrod


Patricia Rossiter Hall is Born


Pat is born in Salt Lake City to William A. Rossiter and Lucille L. Rossiter.

Family Moves to Montana


Pat's father's insurance company transfers the family from Salt Lake City to Helena, Montana.

Pat's School Years

09/01/1939 - 05/01/1947

Pat spends the first year of school at the Hawthorne School. Her family moves to the east side of town, where she attends the Jefferson School through fourth grade. Graduates to the Central School for grades 5-8.

Adolescent During WWII

12/07/1941 - 12/01/1945

Pat participates in WWII patriotic drives to collect rubber tires, tin cans, other scrap metal. She rolls bandages for the Red Cross as a Campfire Girl, and becomes a girl scout. She shops for rationed food items with her mother.

Moves to Ranch


Pat moves from the City of Helena to a ranch in the Valley outside of Helena to the north.

Pat's High School Years

08/01/1947 - 05/01/1951

Pat belongs to the Honor Society, Service Club, NHS, Latin Club, Girls Athletic Association, Newspaper Staff, Honor Guard and 4-H Club. She works part-time at the Fligelman's Department Store.

Enter's BYU

09/01/1951 - 05/01/1954

Pat enters Brigham Young University with a full scholarship ($50 quarterly). She plans a degree in Sociology.

Lives in Seward, Alaska

05/01/1954 - 01/01/1957

Pat works for a lawyer and later for two medical practices that helped treat a Polio epidemic.

Marries Stanley Arthur Hall


Pat marries Stan in spring and moves to Alaska for his job as a U.S. commissioner in Seward, Alaska (which is still a territory at the time).

Move to Anchorage


Stan moves to work on the Morrison Knudsen Construction Company on the White Alice Distant Early Warning System (The Dew Line). Pat works for YMCA and Army servicing wholesale business.

Adrienne is born


Adrienne Ruth Hall (Robinson) is born in Anchorage.

Return State Side, First Son


First Son, James Aric Hall is born.
Stan enters BYU for post-graduate degree. Pat works as a secretary in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Third Child is born


Patricia Beth Hall (Goings) is born in October in Provo, Utah.

Moves to SLC, Fourth Child is Born


Andrea Lynn Hall (Barnes) is born. The family moves to Salt Lake City.

Last Child is Born


Margarette Ruth Hall (Abeyta) is born.

Pat is employed at the University of Utah


Pat applies for and is employed at the University of Utah as an Executive Secretary to a Deputy Vice President in the office of the Vice President for Business. Stanley is hospitalized because of drug use,psychiatric problems. Released after six months. Problems recur.

Files For Divorce


Pat files for divorce. Stan's child support payments are inconsistent.

New House, New Job

01/01/1969 - 01/1983

Family loses house to the bank, and moves into the house on Glen Arbor Street where they stay for many years.
Pat gets transferred to a job at the University of Utah Medical Center as the Project Coordinator of the Coronary Drug Project, a national research project of secondary prevention of heart disease.

As a result, she gets to experience travel.

Pat Retires


Pat retires from the University and settles in Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City.

Pat takes a little time for herself for once

12/06/1994 - 01/01/2012

She is active in University of Utah Women's Club, does some traveling, visits with family members and friends and maintains yearly contact with my Montana roots. She still participate in Osher Institute classes at U of U. Enjoying gardening, her little house, and her family and friends. She is currently fulfilling retirement goal of learning more about and attending musical and arts programs such as the symphony, ballet, opera and theatre productions.