Life of Muhammad (pbuh)


Muhammad's (pbuh) Lifetime

Birth - Death

570 AD - 632 AD

Birth- Muhammad(pbuh) was born into the Quraysh tribe. Muhammad(pbuh) was born without a father.
Death- Muhammad(pbuh) died in the city of Medina.The Muslims choose Abu Bakr, Muhammad's(pbuh) first convert outside of his own family, to be the head of the Islamic community. Muhammad's(pbuh) words, teachings and laws were gathered together soon after his death. They became known as the Quran or recitations.

Before Islam

major events in Muhammad's life prior to the start of Isalm

Birth - Death of Khadija

555 AD - 619 AD

Muhammad's(pbuh) older wife died on the same year that his foster father uncle died.

Father's Death

569 AD

Death of Muhammad's(pbuh) father.

Lived in Mecca

570 AD - 622 AD

Muhammad(pbuh) lived in Mecca. He worked as a shepherd and a camel driver before becoming a merchant. In Mecca Muhammad(pbuh) did not accept the religion practed by most Arads. Muhammad(pbuh) was drawn to the believes of only one God and the Bible.

Mother's Death

575 AD

Muhammad(pbuh) mother died when he was very young. When Muhammad(pbuh) became an orphan he was placed in the care of his grandfather.

Grandfather's Death

578 AD

Until Muhammad(pbuh) was eight years old he was raised by his grandfather. After his grandfathers death, he lived with an uncle in Mecca.

Married Khadija

595 AD

When Muhammad(pbuh) was 25, he married Khadija, a wealthy widow. They had several sons and daughters.


610 AD - 632 AD

When Muhammad(pbuh) was 40 years old, he went to a cave at Mount Hira near Mecca. There Muhammad(pbuh) had a vision in which the angel Gabriel recited the word of God to him. Muhammad(pbuh) felt chosen to be the Arab prophet of true religion. Muhammad(pbuh) continued to receive messages from God. He saw himself as the successor to Jesus.

First Years of Preaching

612 AD - 622 AD

In the first years of peaching, Muhammad(pbuh) gained more enemies than followers. Most people of Mecca were hostile to Muhammad(pbuh) and his few followers. The majority of the towns people saw an disagreement their believes as an attack on their well being.

Uncle's Death

619 AD

Muhammad's(pbuh) protector uncle dies.



By this time Muhammad(pbuh) only had about 100 followers. Most people did not like the way he spoke against the local gods and idols. p.59 Arcoss the Centuries

After Islam Started

major events in Muhammad's life after the start of Islam (ie. after the Hegira)

The Hegira

622 AD - 629 AD

In the summer of 622 AD, after ten years of struggle, Muhammad(pbuh) and a small group of followers fled from Mecca to Medina. This migration became known as a major turning point in the world. At first Muhammad(pbuh) was not welcomed in Medina, but after awhile the people accepted him as a prophet. Muhammad(pbuh) soon became both a religious leader and a political leader in Medina. He took control of the city Medina and organized an effective army to defend Islam. Then him and a small army of his followers return to Mecca.

Lived in Medina

630 AD - 632 AD

in 630 AD, Muhammad(pbuh) returned to live in Medina. In March, 632, he returned to Mecca one last time to perform a pilgrimage, and tens of thousands of Muslims joined him. After, he returned to back to Medina.

Took Control of Mecca

630 AD

In 630 AD, Muhammad(pbuh) and his small army of followers took over Mecca. They made the Kaaba, a shrine to the one God. The Kaaba became the holies place in the Islamic world. The Hajj pilgrimage reenacts Muhammad's(pbuh) return to Mecca.

Abu Bakr Became a Caliph


Abu Bakr became a caliph at age 59.



Muhammad 's(pbuh) chief clerk began to gather the revelations into the Quran. p.61 Arcoss the Centuries

Abu Bakr's Death


Abu Bakr, Muhammad's(phub) father in law, died