Mahammads lifetime pbuh


Birth of muhammad

570 AD

Muhamads father died before he was born

Muhammad died

632 AD

Muslim leaders chose Abu Bakr, the prophets first convert outsiode his own family, to succed him.

Before Islam

Muhammad married Kahadija

595 AD

They had 7eral sons and doughters.

Vision from Arab prophet

610 AD

He saw himself as the successor of jesus

Fled from mecca to the city of Medina

622 AD

When muhammad fled from mecca his familly had died.

After Islam started

Beginning of Islam

622 AD - Present

The biginning was a historicle religion.

Returne to mecca

629 AD

Muhammad and a small army of his fallowers returned to mecca.

The Hegira

630 AD

Muhamad took over a city after returning to mecca.