Muhammad (PBUH)


Birth Of Muhammad (PBUH)

570 A.D. - 632

The day he was born. pg 14

Before Islam

Grandfather Died

july 2 578 - july 3 578

He was 8 years old when he started living with his grandpa. His Mom had died when he was very young and his father before he was born. pg 14

Married Khadija

595 - 632

She was a wealthy widow. They had several kids. pg 14

Vision Of Gabrial

september 610

This event is why Islam was created. pg 14

After Islam

Fled Mecca

622 A.D.

He fled with some followers. pg 17

The Hegira

July 16 622 - 629

The Hegira marks the beginning of Islamic history the day Muhammad (PBUH) fled Mecca. pg 16

Took Over Mecca


He and a small army took over Mecca. pg 17