Muhamads Life (PBUH)


His Life

570 AD - 632 AD

Muhamad lived for 62 years/pg 14

Before Islam

Granfather Died

578 AD

Muhamads (PBUH) granfather died/pg 14

Got Married

595 AD

He Married a welthy widow named Khadija/ pg 14

Had a Vision

610 AD

He went to a cave and he got told the message of God/pg 14

After Islam

The Higira

622 AD - 632 AD

He Fled Mecca/pg17

Retured to Mecca

629 - 632

He retured to mecca/ pg 18

Over Ran the City


Muhamad (PBUH) and his army took over the city/ pg 18



Muhamad (PBUH) died. May he rest in peace/pg18