The Middle Ages (500-1500 AD)

Early Middle Ages (500-1000 AD)

Fall of the (Western) Roman Empire

Approx. 476 AD

The Fall of the (Western) Roman Empire

Spread of Christianity
Barbarians attacked Rome

By this time Christianity is the main religion of the Roman Empire. Thier loyalty was no longer towards the emperor or Rome but to Jesus.

Barbarians (anyone outside of the Roman Empire) attacked Rome. This was because Vikings, Turks, and the Hans were attacking them.

In 476, the last Roman Empire is dethroned.

Some believe that this is the reason the Middle Ages began.

Clovis becomes King of the Franks

Approx. 481 AD

Clovis becomes King of the Franks and unites them and claims the region of Gaul (modern day France.)

People begin to create nation states. Tribes are uniting, and claiming parts of Europe.

Muhammad is born

Approx. 570 AD

Muhammad is born (Founder of Islam).

Islam becomes a great force, as they are nomadic, they cover more ground. Huge conflict between Islam and Christianity.

Jerusalem falls to Islamic Forces

Approx. 638 AD

Battle of Tours

October 10, 732 AD - October 11, 732 AD

The Battle of Tours between the Franks and Islamic Forces begin.

Charles Martel (King of the Franks)

The Franks defeat Islamic forces and prevent them from entering Europe for a 1000 years.

Some historian label the Battle of Tours of the most important battle of Europe.

Charlemagne is Crowned King of the Holy Roman Empire

Approx. 800 AD

Charlemagne (the grandson of Charles Martel) is Crowned King of the Holy Roman Empire (modern day Germany) and is considered the start of both French and German monarchs.

Vikings from Scandenavia Begin Invading N. Europe

Approx. 835 AD - Approx. 1042 AD

Vikings from Scandenavia Begin Invading Northern Europe

As Vikings attacked, Europe solidified instead of falling.

The Treaty of Verdun is Signed

Approx. 843 AD

The Treaty of Verdun is Signed

After Charlemagne, his son, Louis the Pious, is crowned King. After his death, there is a conflict for the crown. As a result, it is split into three areas, and France and Germany were formed.

The First Great Schism

Approx. 863 AD - Approx. 867 AD

The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church split without contact for 4 years.

Alfred the Great becomes King of United England

Approx. 871 AD

Alfred the Great becomes the first King of the United England.

He unites England (separate tribes) under himself.

This is the time where the stories of King Arthur took place.

The Viking Invaders are turned back

Approx. 896 AD

Alfred the Great turns back the Viking invaders.

Henry I assumes the throne

Approx. 919 AD

Henry I, founder of the medieval German State, assumes the throne.

High Middle Ages (1000-1500)

East-West Schism

Approx. 1054 AD

The East-West Schism
Eastern Church and Roman Catholic Church Split.

William of Normandy conquers England

Approx. 1066 AD

William of Normandy (also known as William the Conquerer), a French Duke, conquers England in the Battle of Hastings and becomes King of England.

The Crusades

1095 AD - 1291 AD

Beginning of the Crusades

Battle between the Muslim and Christian worlds. Pope Urban II sees Jerusalem is taken by the Muslims and calls for the crusades.

Richard I Returns from the Crusades

Approx. 1189 AD

Richard I (Richard the Lion Heart, of Robin Hood) Returns from the Crusades

Mongol Empire is Founded

1206 AD

Mongol Empire is Founded by Genghis Khan.

The Mongol empire begins to spread, and at its height, it was the largest land empire of the world.

The Magna Carta is Signed

June 15, 1215 AD

The Magna Carta is signed by King John.

The Magna Carta said the King was under the law.

Marco Polo Leaves on his Journey to Asia

1271 AD

Marco Polo Leaves on his Journey to Asia

Hundred Years' War

1337 AD - 1453 AD

Hundred Year War begins between France and England for the French crown.

The Black Death begins in Europe

1347 AD - 1353 AD

It began on a merchant trade in China. Some say it comes from rats, but it came from the fleas on its fur.
1/3-1/2 of the population of Europe died from the Black Death.

Joan of Arc is Executed

May 30, 1431

Joan of Arc is executed by England at age 19

Johannes Gutenburg Invents the Movable Printing Press

1444 AD

Johannes Gutenburg invents the movable printing press

Ottoman Empire captures Constantinople

1453 AD

Ottoman Empire (the Turks) captures Constantinople (Capitol of Byzantine Empire.)