English Civil War


From Monarchy to Republic, 1642-53

Prince Rupert and Maurice join Charles

21 August 1642

War officially begins

22 August 1642

The King's standard is raised in Nottingham

Battle of Powick Bridge

23 September 1642

The Battle of Adwalton Moor

30 June 1643

Royalists gained control of all of Yorkshire, except for the port of Hull and the Fairfaxes' precarious position at Bradford

Attempts at a political settlement between King and Parliament

May 1646 - March 1647

Conflict between Parliament and Army

February 1647 - August 1647

Attempted negotiations between Army and King; conflict within the Army

August 1647 - December 1647

The Second Civil War

January 1648 - August 1648

The path to regicide; the trial and execution of the King

September 1649 - January 1650