French Revolution

Prior to French Revolution

major people and events that caused French Revolution

Seven year war ends

1656 - 1763

lasted seven years

Louis xvi became king

1774 - 1793

Louis xvi "sun king", ruled France for 72 years,

american declaration of independence


ended americans as part of the british empire

tennis court oath


the oath was signed by 576 out 577 members of the third estate

the estate general summoned


represented the church the nobles and the common people

The French Revolution

major events of French Revolution

fall of bastille


In 1789 mobs began attacking the cities prisons to free political prisoners

october days


At six o'clock in the morning, a crowd of women and armed men assembled in the square summoned by the beating of drums. Shouts of rage against the royal bodyguards were heard. One of these columns marched up to the Royal Gate, but found it locked. Another got through by the gate of the chapel, which was open.

all feudal privileges abolished


Constituent Assembly abolished feudalism, sweeping away both the seigneurial rights of the Second Estate (the nobility) and the tithes gathered by the First Estate (the Roman Catholic clergy).

civil constitution of the clergy


It is often stated that this law confiscated the Church's French land holdings or banned monastic vows: that had already been accomplished by earlier legislation. It did, however, complete the destruction of the monastic orders, legislating out of existence "all regular and secular chapters for either sex, abbacies and priorships, both regular and in commendam, for either sex", etc.

flight to varennes


The Flight to Varennes ( 2021 June 1791 ) was a significant episode in the French Revolution during which King Louis XVI of France and his immediate family were unsuccessful in their attempt to escape, disguised as the servants

convention meets


monarchy over thrown


marie antoinette executed


reign of terror begins


louis xvi executed


fall of robespierre thermidor period begins


directory meets


After The French Revolution

the napolenic era