French Revolution

Prior To revolution

Rule of Louis XIV

1657 - 1715

Known as the Sun King, he thought of himself as the most important in the nation.

Seven years war ends


The seven years war ended in 1763 with the treaty of Saint Petersburg, Treaty of Paris and the treaty of Hubertusburg.

Louis XVI Becomes King


Louis XVI was 20 when he took the thrown giving him a the huge resposdibilty of a country in debt.

American Independence


The Americans declared independance after their revolution.

French Revolution

The estates general summoned

Jan 1789

The estates general was ordered to meet in 1789 to help raise money and end widespread rioting.

Tennis Court Oath

June 1789

The tennis court oath was a pledge that the delegates would continue to meet in the royal tennis courts until France had a new form of government.

Fall of the Bastille

14 July 1789

The riots started again after the tennis court oath, because of the high prices of bread, the mobs started to attack prisons to try and free political prisoners. (p.75)

All feudal Privledges abolished

August 1789

The national assembly abolished feudalism sweeping away the right of the seigneurial rights of the second estate.

October Days

October 1789

Crowds of women and armed men assembled in the square in versailles, summoned by beating drums. One crowd got to the royal gate and found it locked, but a different one got through by the gate to the chapel which was open.

Civil Constitution of the clergy


It was a law passed that subordinated the roman catholic church in France to the French Government

Flight to Varennes


King louis and his immediate family attempted to escape disguised as servants of a russian baroness. They were trying to get to Montmedy to start a counter revolution, they only made it to varennes.

Monarchy Overthrown

Aug 1792

The French monarchy was overthrown in august 1792 because the king tried to escape his country joining emigres.

Convention Meets

October 1792

Louis XVI executed

January 1793

He was tried as 'Citizen Louis Capet' and found guilty. He was guillotined on January 21 1793.

Reign of terror begins

September 1793 - 1794

All enemies of the revolution and all girondists were executed. It is estimated that over 37,000 people were executed.

Marie Antoinette Executed

october 1793

Marie Antoinette was executed.

Fall of Robespierre:Thermidor period begins

July 1794

Robespierre destroyed all opposition to the government. The country was modernized. People started to fear the dictatorship and they arrested and guillotined.

The Directory meets


The directory met and abolished all the progress of the poor, so that only the rich could vote for new leaders. The days of equality were over

After the French revolution

Napoleon becomes emperor


The last phase of the revolution was completed when Napoleon crowned himself emperor.