Mitchell French Revolution time line

before the french revolution

rule of louis XVI

1657 - 1715

he was not ready to be king and thus did not have the quality's witch a french rular would need for the troubles that are coming his way.(pg.64)

seven years' wars

1756 - 1763

Louis XVI married Marie Antoinette


Maria was a member of the Austrian royal family and because Austria was an often enemy of France. was disliked by most.(pg.66)

french revolution

seven years' war ends


louis XIV becomes king

1774 - 1793

Called him self the sun king HE also enjoyed ballet, he had ruled for France for 72 years and had set new standards(pg.62)

declurachion of indapednince


harvests of fail in france


The pour harvest lead to starvation due to the lacking of food

estates-general meet in may. Declaration of rights of man and of the citizens


The last article of Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen was adopted 26 or 27 August, 1789 by the national constituent assembly

fall of the bastille


many of people where attacking the Bastille but there where many of guards to try to save wthl all means necessary using canons.

crowds attack the bastille


many civilians where attacking the Bastille on all angles but where being slaughtered by the number of guards.

royal family tries unsuccesfully to escape


was a significant episode in the French Revolution during which the French royal family, faced with a decrease in royal authority, attempted unsuccessfully to escape abroad disguised as a Russian aristocratic family.

france go to war against austria


1792, France declared war on Austria. The French armies lacked organization and discipline, and many noble officers had emigrated. The allied Austrian and Prussian forces under Charles William Ferdinand, duke of Brunswick, quickly crossed the frontier and began to march on Paris.

Louis XVI is executed


Louis XVI was guillotined, after being tried for treason and being proven guilty.

Riegn of terror ends


what ended the reign of terror was Louis the XVI being executed

the directory first meets


Napoleon from the Directory to the Sale of Louisiana On October 15 1795 Napoleon meet Josephine de Beauharnais

after the french revolution

Napoleon crowns himself emperor


In January 1804, Bonaparte's police uncovered an assassination plot against him, ostensibly sponsored by the Bourbons. In retaliation, Bonaparte ordered the arrest of the Duc d'Enghien, in a violation of the sovereignty of Baden. After a hurried secret trial, the Duke was executed on 21 March.