The French Revolution timeline

Prior to the French revolution

major events and people that helped cause the french revolution

rule of King Louis XIV

1657 - 1715

The sun King's rule was noted for spending huge amounts of money on the palace at Versailles, expensive unsuccessful, wars

Seven years war ends


The wars had gone for seven years between everyone and finally stopped in 1763

American declaration of independence



The American were democratic in their views and had made a point of protecting the freedoms of the individual, which were outlined in the American declaration of independence

Tennis court Oath


The oath was a pledge signed by 567 out of the 577 members from the third estate, and a few members of the 1st estate

The French Revolution

Major events of the French revolution

estates general summond


1789 January
pg. 73-74

Organized into three estates, respectively: the clergy, the nobility, and the rest of France

October days


Crowds of women meeting in Paris decided to march to Versailles to meet the king

All feudal privaleges abolished


Nobles and illiterates, and serfs were still a major part of french life

The fall of the Bastille


A mob attacked the royal prison and fortress, and they killed the governor.
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Civil constitution of the clergy


It was a law passed on during the French Revolution, that subordinated the roman catholic church in France to the state.

Flight to Varennes


On the 20 June 1791, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, their children and closest servants fled Paris in secret, hoping to reach the Luxembourg border and to join the Austrian troops there. Unfortunatley they only made it as far as the small town of Varennes.

Louis XVI executed


He was found guilty of treason

Marie Antoinette executed


Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason and sentenced to be guillotined. On October 16, 1793

Reign of Terror begins


The years of oppressive monarchy rule was finally brought to an end with the execution of the King and the establishment of France as a republic. In this new republic the Church was stripped of its authority and was to have nothing to do with the politics of the country.

Fall of Robespierre; Thermidor period begins


Robespierre destroyed all oppostion to the government and made sweeping changes in France; the metric system was introduced, a revolutionary calendar, the army was more efficient, and new school and universities were set up to educate the population,

As France grew stronger people started to fear a dictatorship by Robespierre. Robespierre then tried to condem more people, he himself was also condemned. After he failed to shoot himself, he was arrested and sent to the guillotine with his closest friends.

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The directory first meets


This is the end of the revolution as a middle class government is established where only people who own property can vote pg,85

After the French revolution

Napoleon crowns himself emperor


The last phase of the revolution changes the government back to the way it used to be.