Josh Campbell




James was born 7lbs and 4oz to Patrick and Kimberly

Graduated from Union County High School


Graduated the top of his class. Everyone said he was destined to do great things.

Attends Harvard University (Under Grad)

8/16/1969 - 6/25/1973

Once again graduates the top of his class. People still say he's destined to do great things.

Gains his Docterate in Chemistry

7/25/1973 - 9/02/1977

Gets a job at (?)


Starts out with smaller tasks and works his way up through the company.

Is put in a group


Is put into a group with 2 other scientists (Richard) and (Scott) and are given the task to create a new type of energy source that will change the world.

An accident happens


The 3 scientists came very close to achieving their goal but somthing goes wrong and an explosion happens and tears a hole in space and time and open a portal to an alternate universe. The 3 of the scientists are sucked in and some of the old concoctions hit the hole creating a smaller explosion closing the tear.

Flying through the new universe James transforms

08/09/1980 - 08/10/1980

James and the other two scientists are flying through the new universe. They keep going through inter universal cosmic clouds and are changed drastically. (Scott always had his pet cat by his side) His cat goes through a drastic change and is changed into a cosmic cat god. It then grabs james and encloses his within his paw. Not seeing what happens a bubble forms around james and the cat then throws him with all his might into the outer reaches of space.

James lands on an unknown planet

08/10/1980 - 08/11/1980

For an entire day james is flying through space unconscious. He then lands on a new planet with immense force signaling to any life forms that somthing has landed on their planet. The bubble around him dissipates leaving him at the bottom of a giant crater. Minutes pass and the newly owners of the planet pick him up and take him to their leader.




Dogman is born into a war torn society.

Joins the Dog Soldier Special forces


A war breaks out between the cats and the dogs and by the time that Dogman turns the age of 10 he is enlisted by his father into the Dog Soldier special forces

Becomes Sargent Major of the Dog Soldiers


By the time he turned 15 he made his way through gaining rank after rank. Until he gaines the highest rank of all. but what he doesnt know is that the war is nearly at its end.

The War is over


Unexpectedly the cats pulled a fast one. They had been developing a new type of weapon that turned the tides of the war. What the dog soldiers didn't know was that they were being betrayed by a select few of dogs that were working as double agents for the cats. The dogs on the opposing side were split into four groups and sent to different planetary prisons that house some of the most dangerous of enamys to the cats. Dogman being the most dangerous was sent to his own prison so there was no way of him ever coming back. But what they didnt know was that keeping him contained was impossible.

Dogman returnes

08/23/1978 - 08/11/1980

the impossible happens dogman has escaped from his prison and has returned to the cat planet and exacts his revenge. Within two years he enslaved the entire planet and became the omega ruler of the cats. Months pass and a strange orb crash lands on the planet and inside they find a white cat. Where did this cat come from and why is he lying in the center of a giant crater?