Jerrod Badders


Waves of Barbarians attack the city

4/1/1925 - 4/1/1935

The Monarch of the city is killed

May 2, 1928

A Temporary Chancellor is appointed


My story begins


Diana Ballas




Diana was born with the surname Wolfe to Mia, her mother and Darius, her father. Her surname became Ballas when she married Rodan

Diana's Childhood

Jul 10, 1905 - January 9, 1911

First hunt/gather


Diana made her first trip to the forests with her father to watch him hunt and gather food.

Diana's Schooling

9/1/1910 - 5/1/1916

The children start school for basic education when they are ten. It lasts six years, then they are divided by sex for military training

Diana's break from schooling

May 2, 1916 - 08/31/1916

Diana spends most of her time hunting with her father, and training with whatever weapons she can get her hands on.

Diana's Military training

9/1/1916 - 7/20/1918

Military for women only lasts two years, with no option to enlist into the military. Their training acts as home defense

Diana Excels at combat training


Graduation Promenade

Jul 21, 1918

A promenade is held for the women when they graduate, as a celebration and a way to get them readjusted to society after their intense training. It is held as much for the graduate men as well as the women

Diana and Rodan Meet

Jul 21, 1918

Diana and Rodan meet the night of the promenade. Being isolated from the opposite sexes for so long, they are slaves to their hormones and end up having sex that night.

Diana's first pregnancy


Diana finds out she is pregnant with her first child

Diana's first child


Diana gives birth to her first child. A son, she names him Alexander

Diana joins the guard

May 2, 1928

Has to escape the city


Rodan Ballas



Rodan was born to Alex, his father and Abelia, his mother.

Rodan's Schooling

9/1/1908 - 05/26/1914

The children start school for basic education when they are ten. It lasts six years, then they are divided by sex for military training

Rodan's Parents Killed


Rodan's parents were killed by animals out in the wilderness on a hunting trip

Rodan's break form schooling

May 27, 1914 - 08/31/1914

Rodan's Military training

09/01/1914 - 07/20/1918

Rodan starts his mandatory military training. For men it lasts 4 years, with an option to join the military after graduation.

Rodan's enlistment

Jul 21, 1918

Rodan enlists the same day he graduates, and is set to deploy in 4 months.

Rodan and Diana are betrothed


The two decided to get married before Rodan was deployed by the military

Rodan Dies


Alexander Ballas

First born of Diana and Rodan

Alexander's birth


Alexander Shows Magical Talents


Alexander's Dreams


Alexander starts to have terrible dreams that wake him in a sweating panic

Alexander Starts Schooling

9/1/1929 - 5/1/1935

Dreams of Barbarians

Oct 1, 1932

Orion Ballas

Orion's Birth


Orion Talks With Animals


Mia & Darius Wolfe

Diana's Parents

Give birth to Diana

May 1, 1900

Watch Alexander and Orion

May 2, 1928

They are responsible for watching Alexander and Orion while their mother is patrolling the city.