French Revolution


Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette attempt to flee France

June 1791

They could not flee France because they were essentially held as prisoners in the royal palace.

National Assembly declares was on Austrian monarchy

April 1792

National Assembly mobilized in response to threats of war from Habsburg emperor and because they wanted to expand the revolution. This marked the beginning of a 24 year period where France was at war with several European countries.

National Convention has first meeting to rewrite French constitution

September 1792

Leaders were Jacobins who were members of a network of political clubs. They split into Girodins (representing provinces) and Montagnards (representing Paris).

Convention votes to execute king

January 1793

Barely won-- 361 to 359. Marked progress of "Second Revolution".

Reign of Terror

Approx. June 1793 - Approx. June 1794

Executed over 40,000 people

Commune invades Convention and arrests 31 Girodins

June 1793

Paris Commune was workers, merchants, and artisans from the city, more radical than the Convention, called sans culottes. Left more Montagnards in control.

Robespierre introduces Worship of the Supreme Being


Religious ritual that alienated the Catholic majority in France.

French Armies began to win wars against European powers

July 1794

Began restoring domestic economy, Convention ended mob-based violence and the official Terror.

Directory Governs

1795 - 1799

unpopular and unstable, gave the Catholic Church the chance to make a strong comeback

Convention calls on Napoleon to protect new election process


Convention creates another constitution


3-stage election process for government officials: Men chose a legislative assembly who chose five Directors

French Revolution ends

Approx. 1804

Fades out once the French lose the right of free elections, becomes a benevolent despotism.