Moving to 1:1 Learning

Created by Teresa Lightle for ACSA Academy


BCOE approves and supports use of iPads

Approx. 09/01/2010

BCOE approves use of personal devices on Guest Network


BCOE teachers receive one on one instructional coaching

Approx. 12/31/2013

BCOE Approves and supports Windows 7

Approx. 07/01/2014

BCOE teachers demonstrate integrated learning on a daily basis

Approx. 08/01/2014

BCOE approves and supports Windows 8

Approx. 12/01/2014

BCOE supports use of Chromebooks

Approx. 04/01/2015

Teachers attend CUE Rock Star Camp and Collaborate on new skills

Approx. 06/14/2015

Windows XP becomes obsolete

Approx. 07/01/2015

BCOE will not longer support PC's running on Windows XP

Teachers meet to develop personalized instructional materials


BCOE supports Virtual desktops

Approx. 09/03/2015

BCOE supports use of all tablet devices

Approx. 10/02/2015

BCOE teachers agree, its NOT about the device, its about the learning


BCOE Teachers Open Model Schools for Technology for visits

Approx. 12/16/2015

Teachers model and promote learning on various electronic platforms

Approx. 01/01/2016

BCOE approves all student devices on School networks

Approx. 08/01/2016

BCOE approves and supports purchasing of any electronic devices.

Approx. 10/02/2016