APUSH Period 3 Chapter 4

Empires at War

•Great Britain, France, and Spain
•four wars
•winner would gain supremacy in the West Indies and Canada and would dominate the lucrative colonial trade
•American Indians supported the French - See more at:

King William's War

1689 - 1697

Queen Anne's War

1702 - 1713

•British gained Nova Scotia from France
•Brits gained trading rights in spanish america

King George's War

1744 - 1748

•James Oglethorpe (Georgia) led a colonial army that managed to repulse the Spanish attacks
•New Englanders captured Louisberg
•Peace Treaty ending the war: Brits gave back Louisberg for political + economic gains in India

Albany Plan of Union


•Called for representatives from colonies
•intercolonial government
•system for recruiting troops + collecting taxes from colonies for common defense

7 yrs war

7/3/1754 - 1763

•French built forts on Ohio R Valley
•Indians allied with the French
•Albany plan of Union called
•retaking of Louisberg in 1758

The Peace of Paris


•Britian acquired both French Canada and Spanish Florida
•France ceded to Spain (the Louisiana territory) and claims west of the Mississippi R
•French power on the continent virtually ended

New Revenues and Regulations

Sugar Act


•duties on foreign sugar and certain luxuries
•stricter enforcements of the navigation acts to stop smuggling
•smugglers would be tried by crown-appointed judges

Stamp Act

1765 - 1766

•revenue stamps placed on most printed goods
•direct tax paid by the colonists

Quartering Act


•required colonists to provide food and living quarters for british soldiers stationed in the colonies

Stamp act Congress


•only elected reps had the authority to approve taxes
•no tax w/o rep

Declatory acts


•parliament had the right to tax and make laws for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"

Townshend Acts

1767 - 1770

•enacted new taxes on colonial imports of tea, glass, and paper
• writ of assistance → general license to search anywhere
• John Dickinson: no taxation w/o representation
• James Otis + Samuel Adams = Mass Circular letter= urged parliament to repeal the Townshend acts
•merchants increased smuggling to avoid the townshend taxes
•Lord Fredrick North: urged parliament to repeal to townshend acts: damaged trade + produced little revenue

Boston Massacre


•Sons of liberty harassed guards
•guards fired on the crowd
•killed 5
• Samuel adams: "massacre"



•Colonists dressed as American Indians took over a british ship (known for catching smugglers) and set it on fire

Boston Tea Party


•Tea Act: British East india company in debt → made companys tea cheaper than smuggled tea (even with the tax)
•Colonists (dressed as american indians) boarded british ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor

Intolerable Acts

•Boston tea part angered the king → coercive + Quebec act

Quebec act


• organized the canadian lands gained from france
•established roman catholicism as the official religion of Quebec
•colonists saw it as a direct attack on the americans

Massachusetts government act


•reduced the power of the massachusetts legislature
•increased the power of the royal governor

Quartering Act


•enabled british troops to be quartered in private homes

Administration of Justice act


•allowed royal officials accused of crimes to be tried in great britain instead of in the colonies

Port Act


•closed the port of boston
•prohibited trade in and out of boston until the destroyed tea was paid for