Per 8 Russian Revolution and Animal Farm Timeline

Objective: Students will research and connect events from Russian History to the allegorical book Animal Farm.


Marx published the first volume of "Communist Manifesto"

February 21, 1848

Karl Marx died

may 5 1883

The Social Democratic Splits in Russia

January 1, 1887

The Social Democratic Party split into two groups, the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.

Leon Trotsky founds the South Russian Workers' Union


Joseph Stalin Joins the Bolsheviks

Approx. 1899

Stalin joined the Bolshevik Party after he was expelled from school.

Leon Trotsky was sent to Siberia for solitary confinement


Leon Trotsky escapes to London and Joins the Socialist Democratic Party


Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks Split Permanently

May 29, 1904

The Bolsheviks split from the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks start to become lead by Vladimir Lenin.

Provisional Government

January 1, 1905

The Soviets recognized the authority of the Provisional Government in return for its willingness to carry out the control of the USSR.

Leon Trotsky returns to Russia


Bloody Sunday

January 22, 1905

Tsarist troops open fire on a peaceful demonstration of workers in St. Petersburg.

A Revolution Breaks Out

April 3, 1905

A revolution broke out in St. Petersburg. Czar Nicholas II quickly put an end to this. The day was called Bloody Sunday.

Czar Nicholas II Orders Partial Mobilization Against Austria

July 19, 1914

This was the announcement of the mobilization against Austria.

Czar Nicholas II Orders Full Mobilization Against Austria

July 30, 1914

The mobilization against Austria was officially confirmed.

WW1 Offense

January 12, 1916

Russian General Yudenich launched a WW1 winter offensive and advances west.

Soviet Union


The Soviet Union took control of russia

Returns to Russia and becomes chairman of the Petrograd Soviet


Bolshevik Revolution

02/01/1917 - 10/31/1917

Russian Revolution

Approx. March 1917 - November 1917

The Russian Revolution refers to a series of revolutions that replaced the Tsarist autocracy.

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Czar Nicholas II Tries to Step Down

March 1, 1917

Nicholas tried to give up his throne and let his brother take over, but his brother refused. Other Russian aristocrats tried to make a temporary government.

Russian Revolution begins

March 8, 1917

The revolution of the Russian people begins against the government, and the rule of Czar Nicholas II.

Tsars Abduction

15 march 1917

The soldiers Blamed the tsar for all of those loses in War and abduct the Tzars

Russian Civil War

Approx. July 1917 - Approx. July 1921

Eastern Orthodox church loses government support


The Bolsheviks Finally take over

October 25, 1917

The Bolsheviks soldiers invaded the winter palace and arrested members of the Provisional Government.

Civil war in Russia


Orthodox church sides against the Bolsheviks.

Czar Nicholas II and Family executed in Yekaterinburg

July 16, 1918

Czar Nicholas II is executed along with his family in Yekaterinburg in 1918.

Mongolia During the Russian Civil Movement

January 8, 1920

Church used by anti-Bolsheviks to keep the people in order.


Lenin almost got assassinated again


Don't Attack Germany

April 28, 1922

Russia signed a treaty with Russia and Italy. This was recognized as the Soviet Union

thousands of orthodox priests and bishops killed

6/21/1922 - 6/22/1926

meant to remove worship from the daily lives of Russians.

Lenin's death


Death of Vladimir Lenin

January 24, 1924

The death of Vladimir Lenin is when the Bolshevik party ended.

Sergius I made patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox church


He agreed to do what the government told him to do.

Joseph Stalin becomes leader

Approx. September 1924

Leon Trotsky is kicked out of the government and his role in the Russian revolution was discredited



1925 - 1935

The Russian film called Battleship Potemkin (1925) is compared to the German film Triumph of the Will (1935) the study compares these in order to evaluate use of film form as a propaganda tool by two authoritarian regimes that are of the Second World which is between the two World Wars.

The Soviet Union

January 8, 1925

Joseph Stalin Takes Control of the Soviet Union

Approx. 1927

After Vladmir Lenin died, there was a mad rush for control of the Communist Party. Eventually, Joseph Stalin seized the power from his rivals. By the late 1920s he had become the dictator of the Soviet Union.


December 29, 1929

They made new music to upstart nationalism.


April 9, 1930

Food Handouts

December 9, 1932


January 12, 1936

State Diplomats


Julian Wadleigh and Alger Hiss became State Department diplomats in 1936.

Moral boost

Approx. 1940

Stalin reinstates the orthodox church to boost morale for the war.

World war II

Approx. 1940 - Approx. 1945

Leon Trotsky was assassinated

June 20, 1940

The KGB killed Leon Trotsky


Leon trotsky was killed by agent Mercador in 1940

Less than a fourth of orthodox churches remain

Approx. 1941

On the Land and Above...


This poster is called “On the land and above…” which was printed in 1941. An explanation of this poster is that on the land and above they would clamp the enemy by a loop.

Invasion of USSR

Approx. March 1941

No Attack Treaty

May 27, 1941

This was a Russian-Japan no attack treaty.

Theodore Hall


New York City residency infiltrated Los Alamos's top secret laboratory in New Mexico by recruiting a nineteen-year-old Harvard physicist.



Both sides also broadcast black propaganda programs in periods of special crises. In 1948, Britain's Foreign Office created the IRD (Information Research Department) which took over from wartime and slightly post-war departments such as the Ministry of Information and dispensed propaganda via various media such as the BBC and publishing.

Test of their own atomic bomb


they tested their own atomic bomb in 1949 and created the Tupolev Tu-144 SST airplane, known as the Russian Concorde.

The start of KGB


By the time the KGB got its name and became known in 1954, it was already a solid force protecting the Soviet Union.

Rudolf Abel was arrested


He was arrested for trying to steal the U.S.'s atomic bomb blueprints. He was arrested by one of his aides.

coup d'état


KGB facilitated Brezhnev's palace coup d'état against Khrushchev.

KGB killed Georgi Markov


Georgi Markov was shot by an umbrella-design gun in 1978.



The KGB started infiltrating Afghanistan

The collapse of the KGB


The KGB collapsed with the soviet union

Leon Trotsky's credibility is restored by the Russian government


Animal Farm

Old Major makes a speech

February 21, 1848

Old Major Dies

May 5, 1883

Snowball creates committees to organize the animals


Snowball is chased off of the farm


Animals revolt because they are not fed

Jan 22, 1905

The Battle of the Cowshed

March 1917 - October 1917

Mr. Jones and other farm owners try to take back Manor Farm which the animals had changed to Animal Farm. Their attempt is unsuccessful.

Moses the Raven disappears with Mr. Jones

Sept 22, 1917